1. Idk I bought eggs for less than 3 bucks the other day so maybe the whole thing is overstated.

  2. If you divide 10 apples by 2 then you have 5 pairs of apples. If you divide 10 apples by nothing then your answer is undefined because you havent divided the apples by anything, not an infinite grouping of apples.

  3. It's flipped, but if I have 10 apples and split them into groups of zero, how many apples are in each group? There are no apples in a group, but there are apples, the 10 apples didn't disappear. So where are they then?

  4. the answer is undefined because the equation isnt asking whether or not there are still apples, its asking how many theyve been divided into and you cant divide something by nothing.

  5. There may be enough oxygen attached to the bloods hemoglobin to circulate and provide perfusion as long as the compressions are adequate enough to pump the heart. In addition, the pressing on the chest will allow the lungs to open and close enough to bring in oxygen as long as there isnt something blocking the airway.

  6. Mmmm, I think sounding is getting into more complex kink. It’s specialized tools, cleaning supplies, and such. I’d say the same for flogging or nipple clamps, needles. The act might be simple enough, but it’s not something you could do pickup play with, if you found yourself anywhere…

  7. So what? You could also be using a fucking machine or a bullwhip on your calves as you wrote that, too. It wouldn’t change the fact that sounding requires specialized stuff that’s not just easily and readily available most places you go lol.

  8. Honestly miami doesnt have a huge mediterranean population. There are a lot of jews obviously and maybe a good amount of middle easterns but I can count the amount of greek restaurants Ive seen on one hand.

  9. No, and the women who can do that are an extremely small %.

  10. only because ppl in sex work are already an extremely small percentage.

  11. No. This is the privilege of women that men are typically only able to replicate through physical crime of robbery or extortion.

  12. Your titties get bigger when you start f*cking was our rumor.....and that your hips get pointy after your 1st time.....

  13. there is truth to this though. If the genes for large breast are there, intercourse will promote more hormonal response that will trigger development.

  14. I love weed and will never denounce it but to me its a lot like college. You should go there to expand your mind and learn about yourself, but eventually you have to leave. Do you need to quit forever? Maybe not, but being a daily smoker for 10 plus years isnt how cannabis should be used.

  15. Oh this isnt even the half. South florida will be the next los angeles by 2025

  16. yeah its 2023 so the whole asking for a source because you disagree with what youre hearing is kinda played out.

  17. Ah, get out of here with that elitist BS.

  18. moderate standards are not elitist. A million people have 4 year degrees and still great but not eye popping. You want a cookie and a participation trophy for an associates degree? Great, because thats all youre gonna get from it.

  19. I remember when kawhi was the best player in the league and the clippers were the next dynasty. Good times.

  20. No. talking to someone online vs in person is night and day.

  21. so know that rejection hurts everyone, it isnt just an ADHD thing. The best way to deal with rejection is to improve. Its one thing to be rejected for things you cant control but luckily there are many things that we can. Work hard to improve the things you can control and go from there.

  22. I dont think common is the right word but depending on the guy and his background it can vary. I personally wouldnt and dont expect my friends to but Im more conservative than some. I would say that if it made you comfortable then you should ask him to stop.

  23. You may be able to recognize the words, but you clearly can't understand them. Or else you wouldn't have wrote the first comment I replied to.

  24. imagine being a 50 year old man and thinking its cool to clap back at randoms on the internet. Fucking dweeb

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