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german riot police defeated and humiliated by some kind of mud wizard

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  1. Ali express is very wild with their delivery methods

  2. One thing i learned from the internet is that.... There are no chicks with dicks, only dudes with tits

  3. Wasn't she reading a twitter post on this video?

  4. Man... I wish humans also have the ability to nut so hard they die

  5. Use a fine sandpaper to remove that and then buff it with a carwax to make it shiny

  6. Who needs a dummy when your friend is already one

  7. I was backseat gaming my bf on this game and im surprised that no one is talking about nora the horny fridge

  8. This reminded me of sharkboy and lavagirl villain

  9. I live in an apartment pero meron ako laging kameet up na taho vendor every sunday afternoon sa labas ng complex at 50 pesos isang mug and merong chilled and hot taho also soy milk na pwedeng palagyan ng arnibal as sweetener. Nyeeeheheheee gusto ko yung mainit na sago

  10. I miss the old times when all you needed to harvest cottons is a whip

  11. There's 4k UHD jaw droppingly detailed loon hentai??

  12. There have been enough africans in her i bet there's already a cave paintings on her couchie wall

  13. I think god is trying to take the wrong adolf

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