A deeper look into the 83 tickers that halted with in the first minute of trading yesterday (1/24/2023). And whether or not the publicly available data (daily price range) supports that they even should or could have halted. (Part 1/2 because of character limit)

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  1. They're just doing one every single day for every single ticker, no way to be certain it's better for retail compared to some obscure pfof structure.

  2. I would assume routing through IEX is a prime example for proof that it works for retail.

  3. Price discovery happens at the margins. If you flood the margin with inventory it necessarily becomes ill-liquid. This is not the fault of the exchange, it's a lack of demand for the product (stocks) at the margin.

  4. So banning PFOF to force them back to the open exchanges goes hand in hand with solving the liquidity/volatility issue?

  5. Looks like a Tavern League sign if I'm making out the branding at the bottom, so probably fairly common.

  6. I'm no good at math, but that sounds like a bad thing for them.

  7. Great analysis! Really curious on what the true cause of this thing is.

  8. "Oops, sorry guys. We were doing a DR test (which we aren't supposed to do during the work week). Totally won't happen again"

  9. Yeah, I was looking into that as well and noticed that the DR facility is in the same location as Citadel and Goldman Sachs. Sketchy is putting it lightly.

  10. Q/A 4 The DR site for the NYSE platforms is located in the Cermak Data Center in Chicago, IL.

  11. Breaking news: UR MUM CRASHES THE STOCK MARKET BY SELLING 12 SHARES also wallstreet is overleveraged teehee

  12. Yep, put the cocaine clown on the rodeo show to spew half truths to distract the masses.

  13. What if he’s saying to dig deeper than Ken Griffin? He could just be another scapegoat because he’s so public

  14. Yes. Madoff wasn't getting away with anything. He was being allowed to commit crime. Who were his master's and what did they gain?

  15. My dude, you're already 1/5th of the way to the breakfast club. Only one thing to do

  16. Only $700 Million? That's not even close to enough to cover his scam, let alone the cascading ones to come. I hope he rats and they go after the rest.

  17. People should be reaching out to get voters excited about this one as soon as possible.

  18. Is there a site to track institution buys?

  19. Would love to see a list of said outside groups.

  20. The economy is in a good place right now. I started last week and it's fine. I would recommend skipping the league mechanic until maps. Just make sure to hit the quest line in act 2 and 7.

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