1. Friday night drinks with my softball team. I have to be perfect all week with my diet and exercise to not have one night of drinking wreck my overall deficit.

  2. Probably several. If I had to throw darts blindly I'd guess she is some sort of spy for the worms.

  3. My guess as well. I suspect she’s involved with whoever the operatives were that Donut was secretly assisting.

  4. I would apologize in advance for this description, but an apology would imply that I’m sorry. I’m never sorry!

  5. When I first heard [edit: Jeff Hays’] voice for Carl, I was really questioning if I was going to be able to tolerate an entire series of it. He comes off as such an stupid meat head. I wondered, if this annoying voice is what he is assigning the protagonist, surely it’s only going to get worse… So glad I stuck with it though. Not only did his voice for Carl grow on me, but I realized later that his voices for other characters shouldn’t possibly be in his vocal range. It occurred to me on my second listen that giving Carl that deep meat head voice was a great choice. Carl is a big beefy dude and people automatically write those guys off as stupid. Carl is simple, but far from stupid.

  6. Oops. Good call. I listened to Forging Hephaestus by Drew Hayes recently and I keep mix up the two. Wrote that ramble after a very long day and had no bandwidth for proofreading.

  7. Even still, on this scale a drop of water in an ocean seems like an inflated sense of self worth.

  8. Right? I can almost conceptualize a drop in the ocean, but these numbers describing SMBs mean essentially nothing to me. My primate brain just grunts something like “it big big” and then protects me from existential dread by changing the subject.

  9. It’s impressive that the animators could make imminent incest look so visually stunning.

  10. Who is River Phoenix Morty again? Was he the byproduct of reversing Mortys old age in Season 5 finale?

  11. It was the Citadel episode in season 3 when Evil Morty was elected. The B storyline was the four Mortys traveling to the garbage portal. They were a parody of the movie Stand By Me. Dramatic Morty was supposed to be River phoenix‘s character… and as I type this, I now remember it was a different Morty that wished for incest porn to be mainstream.

  12. I’ve done cybersecurity breach response work and you’d be amazed at how stupid some people are. One secretary thought the CEO, who she’d never met, emailed her to go purchase thousands in gift cards to send to people. Another wired hundreds of thousands to China, which required her physically going to a bank because she exceeded the online transfer maximum.

  13. A guy I had just hired got a text claiming to be from our CEO asking him to go purchase some gift cards. We were actually preparing for the CEO to visit our satellite office so my employee did it even though he thought it was weird. The scammer asked if he could send pics of all the card numbers and then, of course, stopped responding once they had them. My employee never asked me about it while it was happening. At the end of the day he just asked me when he would be reimbursed because he’d spent $1000 USD. He was horrified when I looked at him blankly and asked why the CEO wouldn’t have just ask me to purchase them with my corporate CC. When my CEO found out, he had zero sympathy. He just asked me if I was sure I hadn’t hired a spineless idiot.

  14. Checks out. Something else happened to me at 40, talk radio in the car.

  15. 39. In bed and preparing to sleep before 8pm.

  16. I'm excited to share my first capture of the 2023 photography season - a fabulous female Evarcha arcuata, or the "Arcuate Jumper"! This fascinating jumping spider can be found across Europe and Asia, and she certainly caught my eye with her unique markings and style. 😍

  17. Very interesting! Though I’m wondering if offering a sacrifice is more of a distraction than a gift. 😂

  18. I think it's a Dieffenbachia seguine. It's a plant species that thrives from extremely hot climates like Africa, Brazil or Mexico and is often killed by people overwatering it. Just like Spiderplants it's a weed in its natural habitat that's very hard to kill by neglect but dies instantly as soon as you care too much.

  19. Thanks! Dieffenbachia and aglaonema were the two at the top of my differential list.

  20. Just adding, you were sort of right. Cornsnakes are one of two different species of ratsnake native to your area, the other being the eastern ratsnake, P. quadrivittatus, which you might hear referred to locally as a "chicken snake" or "yellow ratsnake".

  21. I was taught the name red rat snake. TIL I am old. 😔

  22. Nope, those are in good health, OP just grouped them

  23. Are orb weavers normally so tolerant of each other?

  24. No, as adult araneids don't group up like this (exception are the few social spiders, I think some are araneids, not sure), but they aren't particularly cannibalistic or aggressive towards each other so it's works out in the end :)

  25. Thanks for the info! I was just reading a study about brown and black widows’ low tolerance for having other widows nesting nearby, so I was blown away seeing orb weavers so indifferent to others being in physical contact.

  26. Just being a carnivore doesn't mean its going around killing indiscriminately. Sharks kill to eat. Dolphins have been known to murder just for fun and even play with dead animals like dolls. Its not the same. We also seem to forget that dolphins are highly intelligent and probably sentient like us. Also Orca are in the dolphin family.

  27. This whole debate is hilarious. Sure, when you increase intelligence and the capacity for emotions, you increase the risk of sociopaths. You also increase the chance for empathy. Dolphin behavior is a little more varied between individuals. Shark behavior is more instinctual so it is much easier to predict. Calling one animal more or less evil than another is anthropomorphizing. Anecdotal evidence of “murdering” and “playing” with prey they didn’t eat is projecting human behavior on a nonhuman animal. We don’t really know why they do anything.

  28. Lol. Wild animals are wild animals. I’ve been in the water with bottlenose dolphins and a variety of shark species. I find them all fascinating in their own ways, but if I get to choose which one sneaks up on me from behind, I choose dolphins.

  29. I wonder if they put a couple of guns on Michelangelo's David, or slung an AR-15 over his shoulder, they would find it acceptable?

  30. If they put a gun over his crotch it would have been fine.

  31. I think there is an abortion exception if you use a firearm

  32. Someone with Patreon access might know more, but I took it as the crawl moving from inept show runners to far more competent (and thus more dangerous) ones. It is mentioned that the Valtay tried to keep Carl alive because he was ruining the crawl enough for the Valtay to take over. Now that they are in charge, it is in their best interests to get rid of the top crawlers, including Carl, so they can make the crawl their own.

  33. It's a shark jaw. Looks like a small Tiger or Great white from the look of the teeth and jaw shape.

  34. Tiger and great white teeth are not similar.

  35. Angle of the blades and different shapes between the upper and lower teeth suggest a bull shark. The angle of tiger shark teeth is much more acute.

  36. Nah haha, it looks so foreign when it’s not on the actual crab. They get mistaken for teeth and claws all the time

  37. I go shark tooth hunting in south Florida and crab claw pieces are one the common finds that look like a tooth in my peripheral vision and are a colossal disappointment once I actually focus on them.

  38. But I always found a walk on the beach to be mentally refreshing, even when I lived in a tropical locale

  39. Can confirm. I live in south Florida. Florida is a never ending shit show and I already struggle with anxiety and depression, but living within walking distance to the beach has been so therapeutic. I can almost feel my BP lowering as I step onto the sand.

  40. this sub has a really hard time with the term “abandoned”. vacant and abandoned are not the same thing.

  41. I stopped pointing that out after a while.

  42. Imagine a world where conservatives gave a fuck about endangered species. If we treat babies as endangered species, then we’d start seeing wealthy republicans posing for pictures with the babies they just shot.

  43. Awesome aesthetic! I thought that was the Lasser Glass for a second.

  44. I wonder if the med shortage is the reason why I've had trouble getting an appointment to get said meds? They're looking into it for me but I feel like I'm dangling right now

  45. I have 2 months of Rx sent to CVS and the pharmacist said he sent them back to my doc because they just can’t get any in stock. My doc said to find a pharmacy with stock and he will send the Rx to them. Every pharmacy I’ve asked said they can’t comment on supply unless they have a Rx. This system is insanely stupid.

  46. Reminds me of weeki wachee that my wife and I go kayak in and swim fairly regularly

  47. Grew up in Crystal River. The water is a little murkier than I remember, but this still looks like every good swim spot where I spent my summers. We gave them their space, but gators and moccasins never bothered us.

  48. TIL that the antagonist and his little brother from Face Off were named after stars, which also happen to be 51 light years apart.

  49. Please someone edit this with the Benny Hill theme song

  50. Born and raised in Florida. Never seen an episode of the Benny Hill Show. That song will be playing in my head for the next hour.

  51. Not a lot of exposure to outside culture. Especially where I grew up in west central Florida.

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