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  1. Look at the state of wsb, all time high bearishness —> TSLA is about to moon

  2. It happened before, ergo, it has to happen again. Calls on Enron.

  3. Imagine calling a 7.5% green dildo on the nasdaq a “dead cat bounce”

  4. You’ll be right today, I’ll be right in 5 years.

  5. Nothing, wsb is full of idiots who think big tech is going to single digits

  6. I love how the majority of this sub was bullish when TSLA was over 1 Trillion market cap and bearish when it’s fallen 400b in market cap. Really puts things in perspective

  7. Bulls Always Triumph in The End, so far.

  8. Please tell me the bear case to “triumph”, nuclear apocalypse? The dark ages 2.0?

  9. Well the tens of billions he's made so far with his bets seems to suggest he has a decent success rate.

  10. “Papa Ken” Jesus dude that’s some next level stupidity

  11. Can you stop posting .5% moves on your energy stock every day?

  12. Except we probably aren't headed for global financial armageddon.

  13. I love how these idiot bears relentlessly downvote any completely normal/neutral comment that doesn’t align with their fragile view that the world has to go into nuclear Armageddon immediately

  14. Lehman shareholders said the same thing

  15. And If they kept averaging down and rode out the next decade they’d probably have 5-10 baggers.

  16. I want to skull fuck bulls right now. Lost so much god damn money today, every fucking dip is ripped to the next resistance. Fuck you

  17. "buy when there is blood on the streets, even if the blood is your own"

  18. Nasdaq is down 31% so far this year, what do you classify as “blood on the streets”?

  19. I'll just leave this here... again:

  20. We know what proof of stake is, proof of work is just better.

  21. The ETH merge will crater Nvidia so much harder than this, it’s not even funny. I’ve been building my own PC’s for decades, and graphics card manufacturer generally means Jack shit.

  22. You are completely regarded if you think ETH mining is the only profitable revenue stream NVDA has, also POW > POS. Fuck your puts, market will recover, and NVDA will shine again

  23. All these PoS cocksuckers coming out of the woodwork 🤦🏻‍♂️

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