1. Xabi probably the best of both worlds here.

  2. Look for actual electronic drum kits and an adapter. I started with an Alesis Nitro kit and have slowly been modding it over time. This is a basic kit, but the quality is still massively better than the RB kits.

  3. I have an old PS3 adapter (works on ps4/5 as well) but they're hard to come by. I tried ordering a roll limitless last year, but it never shipped. I have heard others say they've had success with it.

  4. Koeman if you want to rip powershots from 40+ yards out.

  5. Dang, a lot of cold hearted people in here.

  6. If you have the space and money, get an electronic drum kit and find an adapter. Even the cheapest options (thinking Alesis Nitro) are better than the Rock Band drums.

  7. But mommy and daddy told me I'm the best at everything, if I lose it's the games fault, not mine!!!1!!

  8. Wait, you mean I'm not the most handsomest boy in the whole world?!?

  9. Genuine question, is he even better than Kroos? Similar stats, workrates, both 55. Zidane is just a better finisher but from CM long shots are more important anyways and no one is playing him at CAM

  10. I was excited for the Kroos SBC as I had just played the weekend league prior with gold Kroos (2nd account) and this card seemed to fix a lot of his issues. Nope, the card stinks and I can't really explain why. Zidane is significantly better.

  11. Everyone saying call before you dig. Those people are useless. Half the time they come out to mark pipes and then miss a bunch. I wouldn't be surprised if he did call and they just didn't mark it like they were supposed to.

  12. But then it's their problem and not yours.

  13. Only thing Zidane is recognisable IG is due to the bald patch, which they seemed to get right.

  14. WC Zidane does not have a bald patch in game.

  15. Stay forward, stay central, target man.

  16. Morientes benched CR7 for me. I use him as a lone striker with target man instructions in a 4231. Get the ball to him, let him hold up play, find the pass and he's moving into the box to score.

  17. I have so many untradeable strikers, but I went and did Morientes anyway. He's so good once you learn to play to his strengths.

  18. I packed Pele (unbelievable) and he has a standard face. WTH?

  19. Sounds like you're looking for Rockband.

  20. It's more quiet than the stock kit, but it's still going to make noise. The cymbals aren't mesh either.

  21. You'll have a lot more fun if you invest in a decent e-drum kit. The Alesis Nitro is around $300, the tricky part is finding an adapter.

  22. Mozzarella is underneath the sauce, Parmigiano is on top.

  23. I hate that I know this is fake because I recognized Mario Gotze's boner. Sorry, Mom!

  24. Alessis Nitro is a good entry level kit. I didn't like the cymbals, so I replaced them with Rolands over time.

  25. Most any e-kit will work. Your best bet is to try to get your hands on an adapter first.

  26. I still try to use the power header but that just activates the power shots and that keeps fucking up my corners

  27. Took me a day to untrain that as well. New low driven for headers is just Circle with 20-30% power.

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