1. This one I think is fake, it has to be. If she has a blog big enough to get a "book deal" she's definitely not using a free version and in the receipts of the hosting it appears your bank account, your name etc. Also when buying the URL they gave you a receipt with your data. You can check all the receipts online and in your email, it's really easy to prove she was the owner. (Source: I have my own blog)

  2. There are a lot in Zara, check if this style (more creative) suits you (there are also baggy jeans)

  3. Jesus Christ... reading through all of these truly disgusting stories and I'm over here thinking about how my mom's no-bake cheesecake, which has been brought to every family gathering for 25+ years and is adored by everyone, is just a recipe that she found on the back of a pre-made graham cracker crust. Yikes.

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