1. Kai is 100% going to be a terrorist come Casa Amor time

  2. Instagram compresses the living daylights out of photos taken on an android device

  3. Dissing square on tracks but ain’t ever done a thing to them😭 these man ain’t even the realist in Upper let alone the whole E5

  4. I don’t know nun about that g I just posted it cus I co-produced this lol

  5. Someone got paid to write the line: “yep, it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon”

  6. Season 9 was a pretty decent return to form. The whispers arc was probably the strongest arc of the show since season 5

  7. Karl Urban actually just dresses like Butcher in everyday life.

  8. Fun fact: Butcher’s Hawaiian shirts are actually from Karl Urban’s wardrobe

  9. As a massive Danny Pink fan, I legitimately think Forest of the Night is a good episode. Not great, mind you, but... good.

  10. Wow I might have come across the first genuine Danny Pink fan.

  11. Got banned from performing in the UK for a bit

  12. Is it bad I remember Tyler's name but not the name of the supposed heroine?

  13. Well they did write it on his shirt

  14. What’s he up to man what’s he doing?

  15. The 12th doctor is vastly overrated in the fandom.

  16. I like the 12th doctor but I think you have to judge a doctor based on their episodes and truth be told I can’t say the 12th doctor is the best (unlike most of the fandom), because a majority of his episodes were much weaker than the RTD and early Moffat era.

  17. They look like shit especially when enhancing hairlines

  18. Replace the clap with a snare - no lie snare would be my first choice

  19. Seriously it bothers me this was only ever touched upon more or less in season 4 when everyone was getting ill but that’s it? When the main group were on the road in season 5 eating dogs, snakes, anything they could find etc there’s no way they wouldn’t have got sick

  20. If you have faith for Jesus Christ you know the Synagogue of Satan is the enemy.

  21. He made dinner for the president of FIFA. Case closed

  22. Does anyone really think it’s better than iron man 1? Iron man 1 is probably one of the best movies in the mcu

  23. He definitely gonna take the bond role now lol

  24. Very very very low-key tho … Don Toliver kinda fallin off a lil

  25. Surprised a paparazzo hasn’t asked him if he loves Pete Davidson. Would be fascinated to hear his response

  26. Probably a relatively new phone. iPhones come with an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints, smudges etc but gradually this wears away.

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