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  1. Yeah but have you seen the latest video? It’s really starting to… it just gives some vibes. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  2. I didn’t think it could be that bad and I went and it was that bad

  3. https://www.westendtrail.com/product/locale-lodgepole-beanie-black-6280.htm

  4. Glad it worth two reads. Thanks for the nice words.

  5. Gaiters are a life changer for people working outside in the cold

  6. Oh a different note, seeing how genetic works from the mugshots is pretty cool

  7. The family traits seem to be icy eyes!

  8. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible, but good luck with finding a gift. Thanks!”

  9. Thank you for this gentle reminder. I have horrible OCD and it’s been particularly bad these past few weeks, with unwanted thoughts plaguing me from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. Do you have any suggestions on how to let these thoughts go for good?

  10. Awesome to see! Despite the fact that my stepdad is no longer married to my mom, I do cherish the fact that from 9-33, he filled a huge void in my life, and taught me things I’ll teach my own children. He never introduced me as his step child, just accepted all of us, and we were the best blended family.

  11. No, he ended up cheating on my mom with her niece (niece was in her late thirties when my mom married him), and I just can’t get past it. It happened in 2019, and I’m still pissed.

  12. Hi there :) The way you feel is valid and says a lot about what kind of people surround you. The good news is that walking is natural, effective, and can be done anywhere. I like to walk at malls because there’s a wide variety of people so I don’t stand out like I would at a gym.

  13. This probably depends on what products you’re selling

  14. Yeah they had a rough day and it made their anger feel valiant for a moment in time

  15. Read this as Sim City and was wondering what mods you had

  16. This filled me with joy, amazing comic

  17. No, that's not true. They can do a background search of your taxes and find where you were really employed and call those people

  18. You are wrong but perhaps we are from different places

  19. Your own files aren’t able to be color swatched by them, you’ll need to do that in Canva

  20. Thanks for the answer - after searching all the faqs, I was convinced I was missing something obvious.

  21. Right, was there myself not too long ago! I also have good luck with the online editor LunaPic for simple color swaps too

  22. Absolutely. I kept wondering for the entire length of my mother's funeral if I could just... close it. But I wasn't sure if I could just do that, and the openness seemed important to some people. Perhaps I should have prioritized myself for once, I don't know. I kept catching glimpses of her and going "FUCK!" under my breath...

  23. Damn I’m sorry to hear this. My mom looked absolutely fire, we had a professional makeup and hair artist set her up. Had several people remark to us awkwardly how great she looked. YMMV

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