Cultural differences in dog ownership

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  1. I up cycle old, vintage, or broken jewelry. Usually it’s garage sale/ junk drawer stuff, single earrings etc. Tons of posts on Pinterest with ideas. Tools: rotary tool or metal files for smoothing the back surfaces, some small pliers, E-6000 clear adhesive and the jewelry. Additional materials based on what project your decide on.

  2. Oh wow I just looked up. Never thought of this!

  3. Great location to live. Just expensive to set up.

  4. I’m wondering if 90k is enough to not struggle? I’m from Houston, TX so the cost of living would definitely be an adjustment for me.

  5. I think you’ll be OK. Are you planning on visiting before you move?

  6. I want to! But they are pushing for an answer this week. I wouldn’t start until December though so could visit and then if decide I don’t want to take it.

  7. To me, that sounds like a perfect heel. Staying at your side, but relaxed and just walking. I don’t know why you’d want a focused heel in every day walking.

  8. It’s not for everyday walking! More for my dog heeling when bicycles etc are near.

  9. Same here in Oregon, I just read an article about out of control crowding in shelters in Texas but there's like no dogs up here. I'm not sure if it's weather or culture but it's somewhat baffling to me that southern cities are just overrun with stray dogs and surrenders but at any given time our shelter has maybe 5-10 dogs available.

  10. I volunteer at a dog shelter in Texas. In the south we not only have an issue with people not fixing animals but the weather means the dogs or cats are never hibernating. This causes a mass issue with strays. People need to fix there fucking animals.

  11. Did this go away? Currently experiencing it now 😞

  12. Honestly no, but I didn’t stick with it. Have yet to find an antidepressant where I can handle the side effects unfortunately.

  13. I want to say almost two weeks. I do know ppl who are on it and have minimal aside effects too. I’m just super sensitive to medicine. Maybe try taking it at night and see if it helps?

  14. How much pressure there is from society to be in a relationship or married when you’re a woman in your late 20s+ - it’s like nothing else is as important…

  15. Oh yes. I’m in my mid 30s and am totally fine with being single, but apparently other ppl aren’t haha.

  16. If looking for central America for a first time solo traveled who may or may not speak/understand Spanish, I'd recommend Costa Rica and/or Panama. I've done both and you'll have an amazing, relaxing, and also adventure (if you choose) full trip. Cities, volcanos, beaches, food food food. I've never been to Belize but for research, id put it on par with these two magnificent destinations. Enjoy and shake that burnout feel....(and if you don't/return to that status quickly post vacay, reevaluate).

  17. I have def been thinking about Costa Rica! Budget wise would you say Costa Rica or Panama is better? Or is it around the same?

  18. OoooOOooOoooO, not sure, especially with the global wackiness of economies right now.

  19. Oh man I want to stay in a treehouse in Central America!!!

  20. Hiking Volcan Acatenengo in Guatemala. 4-6 hour hike, then camping overnight then waking up at 5 am to hike up to the summit for sunrise, all while a active volcano(Fuego), erupts every 15-45 minutes not far from you. One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

  21. When you hiked did you go by yourself or a group tour? And if a tour any recommendations?

  22. Do you have time to train your dog on your own time? If so a regular dog trainer would be a cheaper option. Board and train can be very effective and in my experience 5k is around the average price. But you still need to maintain that training after you get your dog back.

  23. I have time to train the only struggle I’m kind of dealing with is where to start on the routine if that makes sense? I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos to try to gain some knowledge but my dog doesn’t really respond the same way as the dogs in the video.

  24. What part of Houston? I’m in Easton on College Hill, but lived near San Felipe and Voss in Houston for 5 years.

  25. Yeah no worries. I mean don't get me wrong, it is beautiful and a sight to behold.

  26. I love skiing but will definitely take this into consideration/look into it!! Thank you!

  27. Watch where your buying it. Walgreens charged 68 dollars. I checked at target and got the foam for men at 47 dollars. Certain places are definitely price gouging.

  28. Hi! If you have already finished your trip can you advise on the safety? Did you do a resort? Airbnb? I’m very tempted to go to Jamaica.

  29. I use it on my entire forehead, the 11’s are just where I had the most drastic effect. It’s also good for crow’s eye and around the mouth but I also have acne in the latter area which I combat with chemical exfoliators and that are incompatible with the product so I don’t use it there.

  30. Question can you use it if you use retin-a once a week?

  31. I'm not familiar with type 2 rosacea.. does that have implications for what you can/can't use on your skin? While treating yourself to a mask is a great self-care option, I'm not sure there are any masks out there that will treat your specific concerns with just a single use. Topical retinoids and azelaic acid (used consistently over time) might be more fruitful for you, if your skin can tolerate it.

  32. Yeah! So type 2 rosacea is really just sensitive skin. I’ll get weird bumps that isn’t actual acne with super strong products.

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