I heard banging coming from the bathroom…

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  1. I wish you luck in battling grime in future! Little and often I find works

  2. Haha thank you! We bought the house from a plumber so we have a lot to live up to with maintaining the house as well as he did.

  3. That checks out, well I'm sure you're up to the challenge 🤠

  4. Hahhaha the startledness at the end is what makes it awesome

  5. $2400 for both selling and purchasing, flat rate of $1200 for both closings - NNJ lawyer - I negotiated him down from $1400 by telling him another lawyer’s quote near me in CNJ. But I liked this lawyers vibe, vetted him and he texts which I like since I need answers instantly lol

  6. So that’s Hudson County? Any chance you can DM me his name? Thanks very much!

  7. Bought my starter SFH (2 bed, 1 bath) as a single woman at 32 years old in 2010 after 7 years working for the state of NJ, but thanks to an FHA mortgage and the first time homebuyers credit I could afford it on my own without a co-signer. I feel so bad for first time homebuyers right now, i feel spoiled paying $1200 a month for my house and yard!

  8. I (43F) met my husband (41M) 5 years ago this February 18th (OkCupid success story), engaged after 1.5 years of meeting, engaged for 1 year 2 months, currently still married 2 years 4 months after our perfect fall wedding and then one hell of a pandemic honeymoon period starting our lives together as husband and wife! We were never married before, no kids, just two odd unicorns who were lucky enough to find each other. My advice I give is it’s all about timing, being your true self, and being honest. It can take time, we both kissed a LOT of frogs before we found one another!

  9. Oh he’s always “resting his eyes” but never his ears

  10. "This Is Us" is my sleep-through show; the wife likes it. 90-Day Fiance, OTOH, is a must-watch save for the tiresome Sojaboy-Kimbolly storyline, during which I now "rest my eyes."

  11. 1- In my discipline, my annual membership in our national organization grants me access to the journals that organization publishes. I log in and access through the national website.

  12. Yes to #2 & #3! (I work in a college library)

  13. Hubby bought the cards from Etsy. If you can’t find it by searching I’ll ask him the name of the shop when he gets home!

  14. Gotta keep Debbie and Coltee next to each other, the truest romance on this show.

  15. Love your determination! Thank you for the reminder that this is not a race!

  16. Nope and I’m not letting the holidays trigger my all or nothing thinking! The best advice when I started was - trust the process. Stick with it. It’s an investment in your health and future!

  17. This is so inspiring. I just started Noom last week, and so far the program seems realistic, attainable, and dare I say .. kinda fun in a gamification sense. Your progress is wonderful and exactly what I’d be THRILLED to see in myself a year from now. Well done!

  18. When I started to lose weight quickly I was scared because of my past yo yo dieting! But it’s all about learning about yourself - getting used to your new body and new habits - being mindful of when old habits start and most importantly don’t judge yourself! That’s been the takeaway for me. Gamification is a perfect description! And I want to win at Life!

  19. I’m in a similar situation - need to lose 80 pounds and previously used extreme diets. I’m three weeks in and for me, Noom is different. It is definitely a one-day-at-a-time program and assumes temporary weight gain, occasional food binges and so on will happen. The motivation for me comes via the lack of judgement. We are all human and healthy eating is hard and weight loss is slow, and that’s ok in Noom.

  20. I do feel like it’s like Overeaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers and MyFitness Pal all in one! I hope it’s the perfect cocktail for my road to wellness.

  21. I feel (have felt?) very similar. I have had the mindset for years of all or nothing, I know what to do I just don't do it, it hasn't worked before so why will it work now, etc...

  22. Thank you! Those are the two things I see in Noom as well and I am happy I found this subreddit! I also like how it’s been practically reading my mind with how I speak to myself. It’s eerie. Thanks for the reply!

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