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  1. Don’t fool yourself carpentry is very physical. I’ve been doing it for 30 years and it’s fucking hard. Plumbing and electrical work are a bit easier on your body and when you’re the one holding the license they’re far more lucrative. The only way to turn carpentry as lucrative is to become the general contractor.

  2. or join a union. 6 figures as a journeyman EZ

  3. Hard to get into the electrician's union in some cities. Have to know someone

  4. True for any union in my experience. Was in the carpenter's union in Boston for a couple years. If I didn't know someone I'd be one the waiting list for years

  5. hell yeah. done this working in boston when I did concrete. miss this shit

  6. It didn't fall, It broke in my hands while I was trying to close it. I am pretty sure it broke in my hands literally. I was shocked, how the hell it happened.

  7. same thing happened to me a month ago. they dont make the glass for my case anymore so im shit outta luck

  8. Still looking for advice please!

  9. what bank is your loan thru? if its some random bank from the other state good luck. Ideally you would both meet at a local branch to complete the transaction

  10. My loan is thru capital one. You think so? Cause the private sale value is 27k - 30k and CarMax offered me the most for instant sale which was $22,700. So I could make $5k more thru private sale.

  11. Took me a few reads to work out why you were disappointed 😂

  12. Brah I totally understand. I got it the first and a half read. 😅

  13. This man knows what up! I'll give HZ a shot cause I love BR games but classic Battlefield is the only way!

  14. Since i'm not very interested in the base 2042 game i'll focus on HZ first. Put a couple hours into it and see how I like. I love BR style games and hope they executed it will. Then i'll spend most my time in portal. I couldn't care less about the base 2042 version, these specialists really aren't my cup of tea. I'd much rather play classic battlefield.

  15. Because they shifted that focus to making Portal instead.

  16. What did it come up as? You never want black in your mdma that’s the first give away and why buy so much? lol could be euytlone but that usually doesnt have dark spots. It’s looks similar and is passed off as mdma sometimes

  17. The strongest Molly I've ever done looked like this. Less black though. Reagent test instantly turned purple. It was the the most insane roll of my life. 6 of us dosed about 160mg and we were rolling for quite a while.

  18. This is true. But it was from a vendor on a DNM that had their batches lab tested and was one of the highest rated sellers on the site at the time. So I'll assume it was pretty pure.

  19. Yup. Honestly a lot of any bad effects are likely directly related to purity and when your last dose was. Any impure drug will not be as fun, even if you haven't dosed in a year.

  20. I agree these measures will definitely decrease the chance of harsh comedowns but even when I still used Molly using the recommended regimen I would still have harsh come downs. Never had an afterglow. The next day is always a burnt out depressed version of myself. I've noticed Molly affects people very differently. Most my friends felt fine the following days but I was ALWAYS IN PRETTY ROUGH SHAPE. The next day was the worst and I didn't ever feel totally back to normal until 3+ days after. That's just me though, everyone is different

  21. Hey jackass. no one cares that you don't care.

  22. Haven't RP'd since my ARMA days. Looks like a good place for me to start!

  23. See these are the reviews I’m looking for! One big issue is a lot better than the dumpster fire that was battlefield V

  24. Honestly I'm having a lot of fun. Yes there are obvious issues like UI, wonky air vehicle controls/physics but the gunplay us solid, movement is smooth. The game is fun. This is coming from someone who's been playing battlefield since battlefield 2 when BF was PC only.

  25. Same. I would love to know. shits wonky

  26. Ineresting. I launched the Beta thru steam, it opened origin and launched the game. My origin looks like this

  27. yeah the games been out for not even a week yet though. how many hours do your play sessions last? everything was fine for me too for 3 days untill it broke with no warning after a long play session this weekend.

  28. Got a 3080 ftw3 ultra a couple days ago. Put about 20 hours in to New World on the new card so far. Besides changing to aggressive fan curve I haven't changed a thing out of the box. Will probably lower power draw to 95% today just to be safe and I've been playing on low settings. Hopefully she lasts...

  29. Been playing on a 1070 for freaking forever (like since they were released.)

  30. Awesome! Got my 3080 a couple days ago, just in time!!! See you on the battlefield!

  31. These tips took me a whole month and a half to put together. Please go watch my video to support and consider dropping a sub as well.

  32. Bow/spear. Combo feels amazing in pvp and pve

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