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  1. to me it sounds like mac miller in swimming

  2. nahh i can agree with this album not being the best but you cant just diss beavis and butthead like that

  3. c'mon man beavis and butthead can be worse than mr pickles

  4. I don’t speak for everybody, but I love SB2H. I don’t love the version that Cudi wants me to love though. There are a good 5 or 6 songs from that album that I will never listen to and yes, I skip the skits, but the rest is quite enjoyable for me. I love the way he’s able to convey the absolutely fuxked up mental state he was in at the time with metaphors and tone. I may not adore the version Cudi gave us, but after cleaning it all up, it’s a top 3 album for me.

  5. ngl I like some songs from this album. the biggest problem is the amount of songs, many of them are poorly mixed. like i said it had a lot of potential to be better if he removed the skits and about 10 songs from this album.

  6. This album to me has a nostalgic feel to it. That might be something personal to me I guess . But yeah I heard IMY2 on shuffle and thought “damn, this album actually have some great songs”

  7. IMY2 is my favorite CLB song I love cudi

  8. love all is one of the few songs that I didn't like

  9. Still haven’t listened to it, I don’t really like drake, is it worth listening to?

  10. It's pretty bad imo they have no chemistry

  11. i have to disagree drake managed to fit cudi's vibe very well

  12. But he propagates the views, it’s the same

  13. this could be avoidable if they stopped interviewing Ye. the only way to beat Kanye West is by not letting him talk.

  14. There is no “they” at this point. He’s always gojng to find someway to get his rhetoric out. It’s not that hard.

  15. how? all his social media have been banned

  16. He shouldn’t have called that guy out specifically but surely u can see how he might feel disrespected by someone telling him they disregard his artistic vision

  17. Because he won’t get money from the one on SoundCloud. Listen to it on YouTube or something

  18. that's no justification for being rude

  19. Don Toliver, Andre 3000, Ye (again), Trav, Jaden

  20. Let's just appreciate the last 13 years man, what a run

  21. my guy, Cudi changes his mind very quickly. He'll never stop making albums

  22. He got a good thing going and making good money. Would be dumb to throw that oportunity away. He probably just gonna slow down a bit for the next years

  23. I agree with you. Scott is on his way to being a billionaire

  24. almost was a W. Logic is complete garbage

  25. You have no idea what you're talking about🤣🤣 Kanye in your name and you wanna say Logic is garbage? What was the last thing any recent rapper (aside from Cudi) on anyone elses list done for mental health awareness? Have you never listened to Under Pressure? Any of the Young Sinatras or Bobby Tarantino projects? Logic, like Cudi has helped pull me out of some really dark places. Think before you speak next time with this wack ass comment

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