1. It's a shame because they look so cool might be my favorite depiction of a dragon ever sucks it's not fun at all to fight

  2. If thats the case than I've fought and killed 2 more dragons that look Exactly like her in farum

  3. Yeah, they just copy paste the models, and despite the lightning glaive being named after her every dragon uses it, even Fortisax

  4. I wish they would tell us if Zero is actually dead or not. If they ain’t no body then it could still be alive.

  5. Last time we didn't check for a body he was just "hiding himself so he could repair himself"

  6. Ok riders! Today's challenge is to push this cart full of Jyamato babies into an active volcano. But watch out! Thier brethren don't seem so keen on the plan. Try no to die, or do, makes better tv

  7. A faith scaling katana, we have a arcane scaling one, two int scaling ones one dex and one str, but no faith

  8. Prosthetic weapons would be cool, like Niall's knife leg or Malenia's mounted katana, but then we would need a way to have it be removable so you have an arm while not using them

  9. If every empyrean has a shadow, where are malenia and miqella's?

  10. The stagger gave it away for me, that and the desperate rolling

  11. So sick, I just got this game two days ago and i find it pretty challenging even on normal mode. Still a fun play

  12. On my first playthough the final room in the final genosis mission took me so long, scorch got downed on the way out and had to get left behind

  13. May not be show accurate, but he has his own charm for sure

  14. Oh even better then! I think I have 5 different versions of this mold... Jetstorm, Sonic Attack Jet, Storm Jet, Jhiaxus, and Universe Skywarp... that was during my peak collecting days.

  15. It's hilarious that the same mold was jetstorm and stormjet

  16. Play as blindly as you want, I'd recommend going in mostly blind but if there is an npc you like look up if there is a way to save them, the quests are vauge and can be missed, resulting in the character's brutal death most of the time

  17. I'd like a sword that could cast incants as the weapon art, and maybe a spear that could cast magic. I'd probably be a straight sword but I'd prefer a greatsword tbh

  18. Everytime I see one of these posts, I think “maybe I should visit Target again,” then when I finally do they have nothing. Anyone else?

  19. I know it's ironic but same, the rest of the target was pretty barren besides this one section

  20. Everyone seems to sleep on that one I think he's cool

  21. So another W is a former rider fan that begin to view them negatively after 2011 earthquake is that correct?

  22. Damn I miss Noragami. Show was criminally underrated.

  23. Same, but with so many shows getting remade maybe we have hope for a new season (I say, inhaling massive amounts of copium)

  24. Now I have to ask the real question here is, what's you're preferred trick weapon and firearm? For me it's the Beasthunter Saif and Evelyn.

  25. I'm afraid I'm really boring when it comes to my weapon choices. My favorite trick weapon is the Saw Spear (eventhough I also love the Rakuyo and like the burial blade) and my favorite firearm is the Hunter's Pistol (I would use the Evelyn, but I never level Bloodtinge lol)

  26. As cool as some of the trick weapons are, sometimes being able to parry while in either mode with the saw cleaver types is something I can't go without. I would suggest trying evelyn, it does actual ok damage and allowed me to shoot phase 2 Laurence to death.

  27. Him, apon meeting Darmuid and hearing how much of an asshole Kayeth was: Lies! Lies and slander!

  28. I always reccomend starting ds1 and then working up in order of release. Also, don't skip ds2 no matter what people say, it's a good game

  29. I think either ranni's ending or goldmasks. In Ranni's we rid the world of the gods' influence, allowing for a normal world to emerge. In goldmasks ending we create a golden order controlled by the people and not the gods. In both the people of the lands have the control now and have a chance to create a future of their design.

  30. I would like some covenants, like have volcano manor have covenant rewards and bulk out lava spells, have dragon communion and dragon cult be special invaders and co-op partners respectively. Death hunters vs fia's champions, golden order elite, ranni's group, giant followers, frenzied flame,mohgwyn knights, ect. There are so many factions in elden ring that a covenant system would be amazing and yield some awesome rewards.

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