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  1. I didnt even notice that they took out the sparkly overworld effect until I ACCIDENTALLY ran into a shiny Talon Flame in Area Zero. I can only imagine how many shinies I skipped now.

  2. The area zero felt like a perfect ending, the stuff with the professor was pretty dark but in a great way. It was emotional and kinda hit you when you slowly start to realize what’s going on with Truo / Sada, it also left me wanting more of what happens after the respective ending that hopefully we see in a DLC of some sorts. As others have said proper voice acting would be great, the only reason I can think they don’t do this is because of the custom names for our characters but there should be a work around for that. I think they’ll wait for gen 10 to do it and a more powerful switch

  3. They can just handle it like every JRPG ever with voice acting. Characters simply refer to you as some title even when the subtitles say your name.

  4. This is what we have been asking for for some time, only to be told we are the loud minority by the side of the fanbase that felt the likes of Sword/Shield were perfection in story telling and character development. Its crazy because the spinoffs often do have this tone and care into its story and characters.

  5. Scarlet because the primal designs look cooler than most of the futuristic ones. Also the orange uniforms look better than the purple imo.

  6. Dumbest thing about this game is the no indicator for shinies.

  7. No. This is the exact issue we have seen across gaming with the Gaas model. Its NEVER better than what came before or what could have been. Unlimited was honestly perfect so this would take YEARS to catch up in quality and quantity.

  8. It does some things worse than even legends so I dont see how it could be a 10/10. But I do think that this game is actually good unlike Sword and Shield so thats good enough for me. Between this and legends I now have faith in the (RPG) franchise for the first time since the DS era ended.

  9. Im really enjoying it. I didnt enjoy Sun/Moon or Sw/Sh at all and I still like Legends better in terms of gameplay but this is a legit good game just in need of some polish and QOL improvements.

  10. Yeah we have had Leaders that neglected their gym duties since Kanto but this time its the rule over the exception.

  11. No offence, but that is highly unlikely. Its more likely that you simply didnt notice. The irony is that you say the cartridge is the same for all of us but tell people not to call you out...

  12. Would be weird as hell for an adult to start their pokemon journey at 40. That's why it's always a kid I guess.

  13. We had an entire live action movie about an adult who...YOu know what...never mind. Pokemon stans argue against things that the franchise has already proven to be a nonissue and it is what it is.

  14. Its weird as hell that some pokemon fans say things like "you would need multiple character models based on the player choice" when games have been doing that since the damn PS2 era.

  15. It's fine. A lot of us were worried at first because we had no idea that the game was not going to be so "free". The difficulty is also adequate I find even when I outlevel an area at times. It would be better if the game used a small range like some games do. Like say "area A scales from 25-30" depending on your progress.

  16. Happened to me in a titan cave cut scene but with a repeat ball.

  17. Glad they allowed Ash the win. I feel like since Sinnoh he has proved himself to be a pokemon Master truly so what they did with him in Unova was unfortunate. I wish that they allowed Leon to use a surprise gimmick he picked up because while its cool seeing Ash use everything he trained hard to obtain, it still felt like a handicap he didn't need.

  18. A lot of lame forgettable fillers like sun/moon imo.

  19. Past paradox mons definitely win. These feel a bit lazy in all honesty. People are crapping on Donphan but at least he is different and not just himself dipped in metal.

  20. I'm enjoying it so far. The only problem I have is sometimes it doesn't do the best job of explaining what needs to be done. 4 hours in on day 1 and I already had to check youtube on how to get past a certain part.

  21. lol I totally thought the target was the big plants and not the low textured literal grass.

  22. Because 5 months ago it did look horrible and the early players agreed that it was.

  23. Bro! My favorite Pokemon from Joto has finally gotten some love.

  24. If they have a cool song to contribute sure. I think they should drop the occasional crush 40 remix like they did with Sonic Boom, His World, and Seven Rings in hand though.

  25. No. Its not that you are being reprimanded. We are actually required to do a certain number of "audits" per CPT schedule so we will typically check on workers that typically excel but have a slight change in addition to the ones that are on some BS. lol

  26. I need to remember that this sub is likely full of children. That rationale you used in your opening statement is nonsense my guy. The rule was one Gimmick of your choice per match. Giving Ash the ability to use all three was a handicap that wasnt even needed and will dilute his would be victory. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

  27. When I was younger Malo for sure. But now he is actually my least favorite of the MaloMyotismon mega options. Might have something to do with mecha/armor styled digimon being more of a norm now.

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