1. Is it still common for Christian religious items from the British Isles, or primarily associated with forms of Christianity historically developed in the UK, to have a depiction of a triquetra?

  2. As an aside, I find it very strange how some people say their religion is animism, polytheism... it doesn't make any sense. Otherwise monotheists would answer that their religion is monotheism.

  3. "I believe that all is alive and I work with this energy of life" is a spiritual belief.

  4. <"I believe that all is alive and I work with this energy of life" is a spiritual belief.>

  5. Yes, it can be voluntary celibacy. Thank you.

  6. I think this is a very idealized picture of upholding cosmic order. Perhaps in a perfect world what you say is true, but the societies that practice(d) these "oldest religions" which uphold cosmic order still did/do have many of the problems you brought up above. For example, it was specifically because it was Pharaoh's primary duty to uphold Ma'at that he was given authoritarian control over the Egyptian state, which did also engage in colonialism and imperialism. Likewise because the Brahmin caste was tasked with officiating the rituals to uphold Rta, they were given supremacy over other castes, with many people left outside the caste system altogether, lacking basic human rights. Also, upholding cosmic order is only actually beneficial (to society and to the environment) if the principles and practices are actually positive and effective, however if it is believed that blood sacrifice, for example, is necessary to maintain the cosmos, as the Aztecs were famous for, that seriously calls into question whether such a notion is inherently favorable.

  7. https://main.lib.umanitoba.ca/cults

  8. Swiętowit is a very local deity, I can't say I've seen much on him being historically worshipped outside of Rugen. There are a few other examples of polycephalic gods in Slavic religion, notably Triglav, but he seems to have been unrelated.

  9. What Deity do you think that four-faced wooden figurine from Wolin represents?

  10. According to a source, I don't know whether or not it's Saxo Grammaticus, the Danish king Sven sent gifts to the pagan temple in Arkona. Maybe it's evidence that not only Lechitic-speaking people - not even only Slavic-speaking people, for that matter - worshiped Swiętowit?

  11. There are several ways to answer your questions. Some start from religion iself while some start from externalist reasoning.

  12. I really didn't think at all about any Uralic religious traditions, about which I know almost nothing, when I started this thread. I considered the religious traditions about which I'm better informed like the Greek, the Roman, the Gaulish (and the Gallo-Roman), the North Germanic, the West Slavic (Lechitic), the Hittite, the Canaanite, the Mesopotamian, the North Arabian, the South Arabian and the Egyptian.

  13. Sorry for the necro, I've been meaning to answer this thread but life got in the way

  14. Hinduism, Shintō, native African religious traditions and Zoroastrianism are way older than both Christianity and Islam, but have not as many adherents/followers/practitioners.

  15. If you don't have a desire for sex you're essentially asexual. And that one needs to be "cured" of asexuality is considere a.... let's call it politically incorrect prejudice.

  16. My doctor didn't prescribed me that med just because of my sex drive; he prescribed it to me for depression symptoms. He didn't say it but yes, he seems to think that my low sex drive is one of my depression symptoms.

  17. Back when I was a child deep in Brazilian countryside, where I still live, I was a very devout Catholic Christian. I even wanted to become a priest. There was this priest who invited me to be an altar boy. My parents didn't let me do it; people say things about Catholic priests and altar boys...

  18. Thanks to the worldwide spread of US Republican Party's worldview, and of US American Evangelicalism in general, "communist" can mean several different things today.

  19. I venerate Bes as the guardian of my home and also as a sex deity. I have a small shrine for him at the entrance to my apartment. He seems to enjoy cinnamon incense, crystals, water and money offerings. I recite a prayer I found online, although is referred to in a PGM spell that I've been looking forward to trying.

  20. Some Roman reconstructionists do worship capite velato ("with covered head").

  21. Being a mixed black South American with no known South Asian ancestry I considered becoming a Hare Krishna or practicing mainstream Hinduism after I found out there were African people who converted to Hinduism in Africa itself.

  22. Is English the same language as Russian? Is Gaelic the same as Greek?

  23. Ori already means "head" in Yoruba.

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