1. It's surpirsing how fun making languages is

  2. With the superspeed also comes a faster healing, yes the muscles can tear, but if the tear heals back right away there won't be too much damage...

  3. Not completely, it's the first book I've written, and as I wrote it I got the idea to change many things and there are many things missing. Some sections it would just be editing, but some part need addition or complete rewrites. I also believe that my story can use more depth brought on by the world and character. While I have spent a lot of time on the eorld preceding me writing this story, it was specifically focused on the time and location of that story, which has given me a lot, but also leaves me with little. I have now written the first 2 books in the series, which I found a good enough point to loom back, reflect and really make it pop the way that it could.

  4. I think you are experiencing what I went through when I wrote my first book. A sort of 'No, I can do better' look back at your own writing now that your own skill has improved so much.

  5. Yes, it definitely is. I also can't let go of that story, I've worked towards it for the better part of 10 years, and now i'm 2/5th of the way done.

  6. As soon as you remove skill nothing has meaning.

  7. It's the Netherlands right, not belgium?

  8. out of curiosity, why don't you care if someone wants to be a neonazi?

  9. That's their decision, wrong to me, but everyone to themselves I guess. Same thing with flat earthers, as long as they don't bother me they can live in their delusion.

  10. That seems like a silly way of viewing this. Flat-earthers are disputing a scientific fact. They don't have any sort of agenda. If a flat earther got into power, the worst thing they could do is to send an expedition to "the edge of the world" and make themself look silly.

  11. And I would be nothing but a drop of rain amidst a flood. If something of that scale would happen. It would happen regardless of what I would do. Does that mean I want that to happen, no, not at all.

  12. The dead are taken to the city or village centre, there stands a tall old oak to help guide the soul of the deceased to the afterlife. To aid in letting go of the material world, they are cremated on a pyre.

  13. The dead are taken to the city or village centre, there stands a tall old oak to help guide the soul of the deceased to the afterlife. To aid in letting go of the material world, they are cremated on a pyre.

  14. One World over 10 years old, I started in late 2012, when I was 7 years old.

  15. For mountain settlements there are a few things to consider:

  16. I do believe there are prebuilt worlds for Dungeons and Dragons. There are also many people who have made worlds for dungeons and dragons. It might be a place to start looking.

  17. No nations in my world are inherently authoritarian.

  18. The hotel sure, not the buildings beside it not so much

  19. Of course they did, were the lands germany lost not reparations enough?

  20. Poland is the only country from wining side that lost territory during WW2 ~80.000 km2. So saying that they got reparations by getting some lands on west but losing much more land on east/north as reparations is kind of XD. Portugal is 92.000 km2 soo they almost lost one Portugal of land doesn't sounds like reparations to me. Yes the west side was better build etc. but its not like is wasn't mostly destroyed during war. Soo i don't see here any gains.

  21. Then it would seem to me at least that compensation should be asked from Russia, who is legally the successor state to the USSR. Not the country torn in half for the better part of half a century all the while losing important historic lands.

  22. Politely of course, and it being a greek tree, it took a while to give a reply.

  23. So, this city that was built mostly during Austro-Hungarian rule, by people who immigrated from germany, and you ask why OP fails to mention other (irrelevant) empires that had control of other parts of a country that didn't exist like it does for most of this city's history?

  24. Sooo, is that statement forgetting the Romanian involvement in operation barbarosa?

  25. It is ICEland after all, just living up to it's name

  26. Positive overall, like watching his videos, not all of his videos, but most if not all of them are definitely worth your time of its a topic that interests you.

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