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  1. Hol TF up! How did you get those cares and a vending machine?!?! I want!

  2. Just search for glb files on google. Do not exceed 50mb

  3. Oohhhh - that’s awesome dude! Didn’t even think of looking for other glb assets haha

  4. Surprising to see how many users ITT can’t survive in the market without Reddit. Do you apes truly need this sub to diamond hand? Not very Zen of you apes. Paperhands energy.

  5. Need? No, but we also don’t have to participate in dumb shit. The world continues as normal no matter.

  6. Dumb shit? That’s an interesting point of view. In any case, if you can’t hold without Reddit then were you ever diamond handed to begin with? 🤷‍♀️

  7. The point is, I can hold no fucking matter what. I don’t give a shit if the entire internet goes dark. Been doing this forever already. I don’t need to partake in any online solidarity event to prove anything to anyone and having dickheads say that we “can’t survive in the market without Reddit” is stupid at best, and shillish as fuck at worst. It’s not about surviving, it’s about people just doing their own shit. You want to go dark, cool go for it. But don’t play this game son

  8. I never buy options, if anyone did its on them lol

  9. RC also tweeted “Not for long” today. Looks to me like he is going to be transitioning into a new role leading another project. Teddy cohencidentally goes live July 4th as well. We shall see 👀

  10. Bought yesterday, and will be buying tomorrow 🫡

  11. That robinhood app sure is something to see... something really shitty

  12. Hope we get to hear RC himself tell us to fuckle the buck up... oops moass bitches

  13. Your submission has been removed because this information has already been shared. Please sort by new before posting something time sensitive like GME filings, tweets, or breaking news!

  14. Brandon is the guy checking IDs behind the Wendy’s dumpster to make sure only felons can blow Ken Griffin

  15. We are all here to watch this guy wait for the presentation to start.

  16. NOPE - no one gives a shit what you’re using RH for. You use robinhood, downvote to oblivion. Fuck those guys

  17. Are you telling me that this entire movie was made to allow CNBC to try and save face? To explain their fuckups in reporting on RC and GameStop? You’re telling me they made an ENTIRE DOCUMENTARY to try and explain why they’re shitty they are at their jobs?

  18. These 1a’s are gonna go nuclear when the the first editions run out

  19. Took me like 3-4 days to figure out what they all were by researching data sheets on Reddit then cross referencing eBay listings hahaha

  20. Same, I was pretty lost at first and also surprised at the lack of information out there

  21. Yeah it would be great if the rarities sheet had samples of what each type of card looked like. Maybe the 2nd edition they can add on to the guides!

  22. No cell no sell!!…oh wait sorry wrong sub. But yeah I’ll plan on HODLing it

  23. These would be pretty awesome shorts irl lol

  24. You’re gonna put an eye out swangin that giant 🍆 around here!

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