1. k14w says:

    We just moved her this weekend at 21 months lol

  2. Cute! But doesn’t the adhesive pose a contamination risk?

  3. k14w says:

    No, I don’t see how a 3 inch googly eye would contaminate a 96 well pcr plate 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. k14w says:

    They are labels I just blurred them out 👍🏼

  5. k14w says:

    Yeah I was pretty bummed when I realized these write like crap lol

  6. Philly codes should go out tomorrow starting around 10am! Good luck!

  7. k14w says:

    Wait is this happening for all dates?! Do I have a shot for MA??!

  8. Can someone help me understand how Ticketmaster is selling tickets to upcoming shows? It’s still verified fan? And are codes transferable or not?

  9. k14w says:

    Wait where? When I look it’s all sold out saying no online purchases available

  10. Congrats! I was just about to ask how is everyone doing with the waiting for their 751. I have a question, you said you got all your extension letters, is there a reason why you got your passport stamp? I mean how does it help?

  11. k14w says:

    The extension letters all expired and I needed the stamp to renew my drivers license and travel outside of the US

  12. How many extension letters did you get and were they 12 months or 24 months? And how fast they arrived before the extension of the first ended?

  13. k14w says:

    I got one that was 18 months when the application was received. And then about 3 weeks before that was going to expire they sent me another one that extended it to 24 months. Then I got the stamp a week before that one expired lol.

  14. here I am again, looking back at previous messages and anxiety kicking in. just reviewed my wife's papers.. they did extend it to 24 mos.. which is going to be til June 2023. She got a notification email but nothing is showing on her case status online.

  15. k14w says:

    I had to go get the stamp for an additional 1 year extension because it still isn’t approved. Going on 31 months now since filing. I guess we just keep getting stamps…

  16. k14w says:

    Yeah I had to call and request an appointment and then they call you back in the next 90 days or something to schedule it. So I wouldn’t leave it too late if I were you!

  17. k14w says:

    June 2020 - case received July 2020 - updates to show fingerprints were taken

  18. Did you end up getting an in person appointment? I called about a month ago to get the appoitnment. I've not received a call from the USCIS office yet...

  19. k14w says:

    Yes I did they called about 10 days later and I got an appt the next day. But I’m sure it varies wildly from each field office.

  20. This so much, call them and tell them it’s urgent for your driving license and for work and they will get you in super fast.

  21. Ok I called them today to schedule an appointment and said I needed it for my drivers license and the USCIS officer said someone will call me back in 3-30 days to schedule an appointment. My drivers license expires in 4 weeks 😰

  22. k14w says:

    I got this noticed in July 2020 and still waiting 🥲

  23. k14w says:

    I had a friend that would come weekly and go grocery shopping with me. It was so much less stressful with someone else there and we could go as slowly as needed. And when we got home I would settle in with my baby and she would unpack the groceries for me. It made such a huge difference!

  24. k14w says:

    I believe that sleepers aren’t recommended for baby wearing as it can pull on their legs/toes! You can do pants and socks or size up on the sleeper so they have more room!

  25. My oldest has always been under 5th percentile and I get the opposite “she’s so skinny”. And it’s so frustrating cause girl eats a ton! My other two are 95th percentile and always get the “so big” comments. You literally can’t win.

  26. Literally so unfair that people feel the need to obsess about babies weights, you’re doing great!

  27. You know OP personally? How in the world would you know how she is feeding her baby. Having rolls does not automatically mean her daughter is eating unhealthy and that OP is teaching her unhealthy eating habits. You just assume the worst straight away, being unfair on OP.

  28. Thank you, this person clearly knows nothing about my child or her eating habits 😂

  29. I just got my daughter one that says “read books and fight the patriarchy”

  30. Talk to your doctor about PPD and take any and all help you can get. My husband went back to working on the road at 2 weeks pp and I remember being alone and feeling hopeless with this baby that wouldn’t sleep and cried all the time. I was like omfg what a mistake I need to warn people not to do this. You will get through it and I promise you this baby is going to be the most amazing person you’ve ever met. Sending you hugs ❤️

  31. Honestly when she got on the antibiotics for the ear infection she started doing more after a few days. But then again this week she cut it right down to like 8oz max a day at daycare and she’s perfectly healthy. I’m thinking it’s now just her not wanting as much milk??

  32. Waiting on my renewal for more than 2 years now with no updates….

  33. Girrllll the squatty potty saved me with those pregnancy and post partum poops 😂😂😂

  34. It was hard not to laugh at her 😂

  35. Thank you she’s a goober!

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