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  1. Whoever can do those as side hustles could make bank teaching how they get 48 hours in one day.

  2. I’ve had a few in the decade plus I’ve been doing serious digital photography. All were corrupted on the card itself. And they looked kind of like yours!

  3. I’ll out them. Ex-Netflix here, but in entertainment corporate not their dev/tech division.

  4. Thanks for the insider view. The impact on one’s personal life is something that always needs to be considered when looking at positions like these. Sure, some people are fine with the life you describe but many including myself are happy to make much less in exchange for having flexibility and time for myself.

  5. I’d crop the left and right just outside of the outer rings of the circle that are in the shot. That would put her vertical leg about 2/3 from the left which feels good to me visually.

  6. My ex and I had some really, really rough times in the last three to four years of our marriage. Like, it was horrible. The resentment spilled over into everything -- it was toxic AF. But now that we're separated, we've been able to put that aside for the sake of our daughter. I thought it would feel weird being so ... civil ... heck, friendly, even ... to someone who put us through so much pain, but it's been surprisingly easy now that I've gotten myself into the right mindset.

  7. I love the wide angle shallow DOF look. My first experience with it personally was with a 28 1.8 on a full frame DSLR. That lens practically lived on my camera.

  8. I was ready to switch systems until the Nikon Z 28mm lens announced was a f2.8 and Fuji simultaneously announced the 1.4. I bought it without having ever used it (I was using the 18/2 for most everything for years) and it was *far* better than I was expecting. The background blur isn't that strong given it is a crop sensor lens, but the sharpness is so high that the images pop regardless.

  9. Yeah, the background blur is a tiny bit less with the 18 1.4 than a 28 1.8 on full frame. They would need to make it an 18 1.2 to be equivalent. But that would mean a much larger lens. So I’m fine with the compromise.a

  10. I’d use that photo to help sell mist filters, haha. Love the shot.

  11. no mist filter! this shot really just helps sell what mist filters are named after

  12. I stand corrected! I’m even more impressed! Great lighting and atmosphere, and of course, great perception to capture the shot.

  13. Teach her the ridiculous stories from mythology like how Zeus termed into a swan so he could have a baby that turned out to be Hercules

  14. I started doing this! I picked up a wonderful book of Greek myths and started reading them to her. She’s highly entertained by them. Picked up a few more books of other mythologies, including Norse, Egyptian, and of course Christian.

  15. Similar situation here, we have majority custody of my husbands kids. Their mother has some wild ideas and her parents are super religious. We've had full custody since youngest was 7. Their grandparents in particular pull this crap.

  16. Your story is encouraging, thank you for sharing.

  17. FWIW, in my experience, the Z6ii AF is great when it works, and it does work fine for many situations, but when it doesn't, it is quite annoying. The worst situations are when the subject is backlit and the background has a lot of contrasty detail.

  18. 45M here, with an 8 year old daughter.

  19. Thanks! Zooming in to the default view, I see some of the people are doubled. Not surprising given that this is a giant panorama of stitched together photos. Example screenshot here:

  20. At the 11 o’clock position just to the right of one of the elevator shaft things you can see a woman walking to the left with an umbrella in a black skirt and striped top who is doubled, too.

  21. Just let people do what they want. If the left side works for you, then do it. If the right side works for you, then do that. If it’s something not depicted here, do that. You don’t have to be forced to be someone you’re not.

  22. The technology will be unimaginably advanced but we’ll still be fucking each over for a percentage. Humans being humans.

  23. I like a good rom com. My soon to be ex wife wasn’t a big fan. She preferred movies involving a lot of bloody, gory revenge. Her preference turned out to be an apt harbinger for how our divorce is proceeding.

  24. Same. And then I realize that 70 is just 25 years away … when 25 years ago, I was 20.

  25. Not sure if it’s straight up horror, but I’ve watched Aliens at least a hundred times.

  26. This is EXACTLY what mine is doing. Ugh - I was hoping there would be some sort of way a guy could jimmy it back into place. That repair price seems kinda nasty. :( makes me wonder if I can just deal with it not working...

  27. Sorry to hear that. I think if you go digging inside the top to try to repair it yourself and mess it up, Fuji will still repair it as long as you pay them. I assume yours is out of warranty, which is why you’re even contemplating that option?

  28. Update November 9, 2022.

  29. Nasty as it sounds now, sober, I remember we would lick each others eyeballs when rolling hard. It was one of the most heavenly sensations I’ve ever experienced, especially after a bit of Vicks. Amazing none of us got pinkeye from any of it.

  30. I think 'notebook computer' is an old-fashioned marketing term for laptops; 'notebook' by itself sounds pretty unnatural to me. Here's google's ngrams for laptop / laptop computer / notebook computer

  31. I grew up in the 90s and can confirm that the term “notebook” was very commonly used to refer to smaller portable computers which opened like … well, a notebook.

  32. I read this in my own voice. That is to say: The path you've shared reads identically to my own.

  33. As someone who is 45 and was once in the same place as OP and you, I’ll say that everything you said is right on the money.


  35. Invalidate my feelings and then when I get upset she plays the victim.

  36. Holy fuck I absolutely agree. I experience this constantly in the relationship I'm in now. Makes me just not ever express my emotions and then I get accused of not caring. No I just don't want my feelings, that are legitimate and reasonable, to be used against me for years to come so I have to compartmentalize them.

  37. Dude, fucking run. I married crazy and had a kid with her. It gets worse. Far worse than you can even imagine. Run.

  38. Holy shit. This is my soon to be ex wife to a T. She would say things that were upsetting, and I would ask her to please stop. Then she would escalate and say something even worse, sometimes in a belittling voice. I’d ask her to stop again, that it was upsetting. She then ratchet up another notch. If I raised my voice even slightly, saying, okay, can you please stop? I’ve asked you nicely twice already? And she would say whoa, why are you always getting upset for no reason? All I said was X.

  39. Somebody send this to me with a red circle plaese

  40. Directly under the second tree from the right. Lying on the dark rocks.

  41. Whoa what’s going on here?

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