1. What type of bag should I get for air travel with a snowboard? Is a hard case necessary? Any recommendations on what to get?

  2. I honestly just needed the general species! Idk anything about morphs

  3. How do you get a snake without knowing it’s species?

  4. In elementary school my friend gsve me his snake because his mom didn't allow it. I had that for 4 years before I found out it was a boa constrictor. Sometimes you get a free pet and dont ask questions 🤷‍♂️

  5. In OP’s case he went out and bought the snake on his own. With a plan of buying a lizard. And in your case, you prolly should’ve done more research on the snake after you got it. Free or not

  6. Looking to buy a hard snowboard case to keep my board safe during plane travel. Any recommendations?

  7. This may get lost in the comments, but chronic eye rubbing is how I gave myself

  8. How much did you rub your eyes? Will rubbing them a couple times a day cause problems?

  9. Found a LONG snake in the second pic, but nothing in the first…

  10. That is what should be found. One in each picture

  11. What’d you use to take the picture?

  12. Based off how young AB looks, I’m assuming A is the father and B is the mother. They bred to produce AB. Completely follows the laws of genetics

  13. You put clips on, literally asking for it. If your form is good the plates won't move.

  14. I agree with this. That’s why the staff is so disliked at my university gym. The staff make you put clips on

  15. Thanks. Me too. That’s one thing I don’t like about the internet. Everyone is so quick to judge and hate (maybe I deserved some of it since, I won’t deny, it isn’t the best idea to hold a venomous snake) and act in a way they wouldn’t even think about acting in person. Everyone on the internet acts as if they’re perfect and never make any mistakes. Having genuine, respectful conversations online is pretty rare. But greatly appreciated when it happens

  16. If you want a really light camera that would actually be useful for wildlife get a last gen top-end smartphone instead of a gopro.

  17. Do the new iPhones work? If so, which gen is the oldest that is still good?

  18. You do realize that professional photographers make the effort and carry a shit ton of heavy gear while hiking long distances to get the perfect picture of nature and the outdoors/wildlife. If you dont want all that labour, then you're gonna have to concede with a smaller camera which wouldn't be the best photos of outdoors/wildlife in terms of what I imagine you're trying to get.

  19. Well yeah. I don’t want to be a professional, not just yet. But I’d like to take decent pictures. The main reason I hike is for myself. I enjoy going out and looking for snakes. I already carry a heavy backpack. I’m not expecting to get some giant camera, not yet. But I was asking if I should use the GoPro for a camera or buy a separate wildlife camera

  20. Dude look at the times those comments were posted. 9 hours ago OP said "Should I go tell kids to leave it alone?" Then 6 hours ago OP said that a kid was bit when they returned. It's also not hard to plug this into google translate to see it yourself which is verbatim what the other person posted.

  21. I see that that is in fact what OP said. Sorry. I was assuming that this picture was taken and the snake was then left alone which is what lead to my confusion

  22. I think the internet is for everything. I made a mistake. Happens to everyone. One day I hope that I can be as godly as you where I’m perfect.

  23. Not for long periods of time I'm sure. The metal smell on your hands is from your oils melting away microscopic pieces of said coin creating a metallic scent. That's why when you handle collectible coins you should wear gloves or wash your hands beforehand.

  24. Just curious, what was the purpose of putting a coin on the frog?

  25. Don’t think the coin needed to be ON the frog but ok

  26. There aren’t any dangerous snakes left around these parts, local tradition is kill any snake you see so dangerous ones likely went extinct locally.

  27. !cat !cats !outdoorpet I don’t know which one it is. One should work

  28. I appreciate that! I’ve got a total of 11 years lifting under my belt at this point, but I had the vast majority of my size after 5 years, all that I built from using peds when I was younger has been lost now after all this time. Just keep hitting it hard and enjoy the process! :)

  29. Thanks for being honest in your gear usage. Are you still making gains? I’m assuming there was a large drop off in muscle size and strength after stopping gear. Are you still in decline or are numbers going back up?

  30. It's not that rhyme is wrong per se, it's just that the rhyme is not always reliable.

  31. Even in the US the !rhyme can be misleading

  32. Yes, they won't be viable. The pepper wasn't mature (ripe) yet, so the seeds won't be either. Try again with a red pepper, you'll have more luck :)

  33. What if you pick a green pod, allow it to ripen off the plant, then harvest those seeds. Will they be viable then?

  34. No because peppers don't ripen once they are off the plant! They may change their colour if that process already started, but that ist not ripening, the heat and flavour won't change from that point on either

  35. Unsure really. I know it’s needed in many states and countries but South Georgia they kinda just let it slide. I went to fish and wildlife, asked a couple of questions on if it were legal for me to own one and the most they said was just be careful and it’s best not to own a wild caught one so I bought one off backwater reptiles.

  36. Yeah. I live in Florida. And I’ve heard similar stories. I went to the Everglades a few months ago. I saw snakes in the road and moved them off with a snake hook. I was told that if I was seen with a snake hook or seen saving the snakes life I would be greatly fined as I was disturbing the wildlife. I was also told that the rangers would run over snakes in the road and not have a care in the world

  37. Generally yeah just because of how common and inexpensive they tend to be compared to most exotic viper species.

  38. How do you get a venomous snake license? I believe it’s like 1000 hours. Is that per group? So like would you need 1000 hours with vipers and you’d be able to get any viper? Or is it more specific than that? Like 1000 hours with the genus?

  39. Thanks for being honest. How long have you been training. And how long taking stuff?

  40. What was the weight progress? Before lifting to end of natural to now?

  41. How much will that cost? If you don’t mind me asking

  42. Not even sure myself yet. Maybe 6k nzd?

  43. If you have the money for it and enjoy what you’re doing, worth it!

  44. I mean they stand their ground more. They aren’t gonna chase after you and rip your throat out but they tend to be a little more aggressive and stand their groundish. Speaking from experience because my dog was walking in some grass hiking and one bit her without running away first which is very unusual but I think the only explanation to that is that it was late September which is their mating season and I’ve read from multiple places they get more like that in that time.

  45. You honestly kind of sound exactly like the people you don’t understand. Calling cottonmouths aggressive. They aren’t aggressive. They’re defensive. Your dog probably stepped very close to the snake. It got spooked. Maybe thought the small furry blob was a meal. Decided to strike. Either at it’s food or trying to defend itself. And now you’re using this story to explain why cottonmouths are aggressive. Exactly what other snake haters do

  46. Yeah I got aggressive and defensive mixed up. Don’t be an asshole though. I meant they get more defensive, I apologize. Also I never said the snake ran out at my dog and but her like 50 times in the neck. I said that she got too close and provoked the snake to biting.

  47. I don’t know how you interpreted what I said as asshole-ish. I was just stating the truth. Your dog got too close to the snake and the snake defended itself. I don’t think you need to look deeper into it. I doubt it was because of the time of year. Most animals will defend themselves when you get in their face, which is what your dog did to the snake

  48. An extra free or discounted farming rows after 10?

  49. Only good idea is the mega nets

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