1. Finally someone actually said "peace and security". Let's burn our x-mas tree and go back to the hall. Just kidding.

  2. If you are a woman*, it's perhaps part of the misogynistic culture. Women can never be trusted to make any sensible decision on their own, yadayada, so he talked to your father who, in his view, is in charge of your spiritual welfare in this particular case.

  3. Thalia is the muse of Comedy in Greek mythology.

  4. One of the gb said parents should not let their children get their driving licence (aimed at American im presuming) if they have not got baptised. Utterly disgusting.

  5. "One of the gb said parents should not let their children get their driving licence " That was TM3.

  6. In the Almighty's creation the humble thornbush's purpose is, evidently, twofold: firstly, to be used as a jump scare for lonely wannabe prophets in the desert, and as hairbrushes for the Zebra.

  7. They even got a divorce? That's overdoing it with the Simplify your life BS.

  8. Been 30minutes for around 10years, maybe a bit more

  9. Wow. We had to sit through an hour of these, more often than not, quite boring talks, LoL

  10. They had an article in the 70s about the dangers of CB radio. The nonsense never ends.

  11. We had a CO in the mid-60s who claimed on stage that a TV-set is the eye of the devil. And there was a lot of draping with table cloths, when he came for dinner, LoL.

  12. Bill Nye also did a great deconstruction of why the ark couldn't have worked physically.

  13. The Babylonian Flood story of the god Enki and Atrahasis, the Babylonian Noah, was written in the 18. century BC in cuneiform on a clay tablet. And it contains the precise instructions on how to build the ark. So they did ...

  14. Well, I know Nimzowitsch abducted the Black Queen ..

  15. #8 Feeding the Paranoia: "Selbst in Gegenden, in denen es zuvor keine Störungen gab, kann es ohne Vorwarnung zu extremen Gewalttaten kommen."

  16. „ Gern teilen wir euch die Entscheidung der Leitenden Körperschaft mit, dass es eine neue Öffentlichkeitsausgabe des Wachtturms und eine neue Ausgabe des Erwachet! für 2023 geben wird.“

  17. Es wrden WT 2018, 2 und WT 2020, 2 sowie EW 2018,2 und EW 2020,2 nachgedruckt. Jeweils eine Ausgabe von WT und EW wird tatsächlich neu sein.

  18. Exakt dazu gab es mal einen Sketch von Loriot. Ich finde gerade nur eine Cover version, ruft aber eventuell Erinnerungen wach ;)

  19. Hat da einer der legendären Fensterputzer eines seiner edelsten Leder zerschnitten, um der Blutopferkarte als würdiges Futteral und anschmiegsame Zier zu dienen?

  20. That’s creepy as hell and I’d call him out on it. Like, literally express to him how uncomfortable you are to receive a random message Demi someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in X years show up at your home unannounced and uninvited and send you a picture of your front door. It is completely unacceptable and insist that he doesn’t do it again. Be firm. Otherwise he may do it again. Hopefully he will recognize he fucked up and apologize and comply with your wishes. If not, you my need to get a restraining order (but hopefully it won’t come to that ).

  21. Right! It's creepy as hell, and insufferably intrusive. Expounding on the Creepy aspect; you had moved to another town just a month ago, and you didn't leave your address in the JW-bubble. Then this chap you barely know sends you a pic from your front door messaging "Guess, who's here? Found you. - [The Candyman]" -- That's very inappropriate to say the least.

  22. Brother, that sounds too much like the bible. Please only refer to our uninspired, maybe errand ever changing doctrine

  23. But we would like you to follow all our instructions anyway, even if they don't make any sense, if you don't mind. Remember, brothers, it is only a small step over to the dark side of apostasy, and your loved ones would have to shun you. Would you really want to tear apart your family, by stubbornly rejecting the bible based advice of Jehovah's appointed slave, thus causing divisions and unrest in the comatose minds of the indoctrinated?

  24. Oh man. That is enough to mess up a little kid. I converted in my 30’s and was always worried that my parents wouldn’t make it to paradise with me and I would constantly preach to them. Thank goodness they never listened.

  25. Thank goodness they didn't shun you for bringing false, and toxic teachings home LoL, but everyone except Watchtower is glad you came to your senses, and made it out again.

  26. We are roughly 50 years into the Millennium now, if 1975 is still the 6000 year mark. If the massive fulfillment of bible prophecy that we are witnessing today is going to continue at the same rate as hitherto, then, at the end, it will have felt like the invisible Armageddon of '75: Almost, as if nothing had happened, at all. LoL

  27. Ethnic slams are unfunny and unnecessary.

  28. Not everyone here is “anti God”, just because everyone here is ex JW does not mean we all hate God. A little respect for those that still believe in God would be appreciated 🙏🏾

  29. I respect people. Their weird opinions, though held dearly, not so much.

  30. Lol, when you finally get it that there is no need to make shit up, ...

  31. Women's business attire implies their dignity, power, equality. NOT things the borg is behind.

  32. When it comes to maintaining the scriptural quality of misogyny in this narcissistic cult, they quickly remember that they would like to be a religion.

  33. Why do you play by their rules? If you don't show up to this kangaroo court, the default consequence would be df in absentia. Ok, three lecherous elders would miss out on the opportunity to ask lots of very inappropriate questions. But they'll get over it.

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