1. Yeah, that's actually how I remember it. Would have been like 1977

  2. i called the operator in like 84 or 85 maybe and she talked to me for a while

  3. It’s kind of frustrating that some YouTuber is able to buy a Tesla and then wrecks it for no good reason other than more views thus more money. Views that come from viewers that possibly go hungry to school, who’s parents work multiple jobs, etc. etc. But we do like to complain when a billionaire spends an enormous amount of money on a boat that comes with a support vessel, or some artist buying his whatever number number home for a gazillion dollar, etc. etc.

  4. i hear you, but it's not whistlindiesel's job to feed starving kids.

  5. Ive never heard a burnout referred to as a “brake stand”, to each their own…

  6. the way i always heard it, a brake stand means your car is more or less sitting stationary while you do a smoke show

  7. What a weird thing to do. It just pops the reverse lights on anytime it’s in park? I know a lot of models do that after you go into park and turn the ignition off as a way to illuminate the vehicle to the rear, similar to leaving the headlights in for a minute after you turn the vehicle off

  8. yea.. i dont know how people dont talk about it more. i see these things daily. i drive by the post office on my way to work in the morning and there's almost always at least one freshly parked GM vehicle there with its reverse lights on while the owner is walking away from it

  9. Not anytime it’s in park, but more like you described for illumination. I see the intent, but ultimately I feel that federally-regulated indicator lights should only be used for their explicitly designed purpose to avoid confusion with other drivers.

  10. this exactly. if you want a light on the back put a light in the 3rd brakelight or something. does the same thing but if i see a white light at the top of your vehicle im not going to think its in reverse and about to back into me.

  11. Ah yes the 74GB Rapta, this is the Boston edition of the 74GB Raptor, used in Xserve.

  12. I was going to guess that, too, based on the Raptor name.

  13. Thanks for protecting the personal identity of this hard drive

  14. i like the mandela effect for entertainment. the common ones people bring up in this thread are fun to talk about… some people take it too seriously though.

  15. Shaq was Kazam. That’s what makes me “remember” Shazam more…I remember thinking when I saw kazam starring Shaq for rent in blockbuster…”why would they make another genie movie so soon after shazam?? And who the fuck wants to see Shaquille O’Neal act???

  16. i remember thinking exactly this, so vividly. in the basement, in front of the tv, seeing a trailer for kazam and being like … but why?

  17. ive got this same mic in the same box, but mines glossy white cardboard instead

  18. If they had killed Worf in a dark alley in the middle of nowhere, i would have so pissed. That's not the way to end this character.

  19. Really? I had a burst pipe flood my basement, i had to cancel my weekend class so I'm out that revenue, and my girlfriend was in Florida when her mother died so I had to buy last minute tickets back during March break for her and her daughter.

  20. for sure! when the pipe burst, it could have caused an electrical fire and burned everything you own to the ground! see, totally worse!

  21. Isn't Robert Duncan McNeil (sp?) in that episode as well?

  22. Okay. I just finished the show all the way through a month ago. Caught a few episodes first run but not all. Also I am as mad at QL's ending as I was at Enterprise's.

  23. ya been a while since i watched it all but! theres a new quantum leap show! i found out robert picardo played a character called 'dr woolsey' on quantum leap, and thats how i found out they made a new show

  24. I’m a surgeon and I following this sub. I started following because I used to install tires in college and always appreciated working on cars. You guys have no idea how similar our jobs are. A lot of the stuff posted here almost parallels what we go through in the medical field.

  25. Also bird legged. What makes the situation completely cursed? - THE feature I’m attracted to is nice legs. Like … it’s a dealbreaker. If I were looking at myself, hard pass. lol 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Yes. „Oldtimers“ that count as historical vehicles have to be in original shape with original parts or legal tuning parts from the decade they were new.

  27. They can replicate, they just don't replicate a new one every time they need them, they reuse.

  28. Oh yeah, this is when he ends up having to go on Tretonin because he loses his symbiote

  29. Why does the Romulan high command travel on the NCC-72381?

  30. applying for a plate that says “ransom” probably gets you flagged

  31. Yes, it’s more like its paper thin, not cracker thin. It’s only the second LCD I’ve worked on, glad it wasn’t any worse.

  32. if your shop recycles stuff, try to pull some of it aside to practice on. i absolutely trashed some stuff when i was first starting out. you'll get better at it

  33. I've attempted to fix Surfaces before. Out of the 'round about two dozen I've tried, I've only managed to salvage the display in a usable state twice, and I've never managed to successfully repair a Surface.

  34. i couldnt tell you which model of surface it was but i did a screen swap on one recently without much fuss. donor screen uninstalled itself when the battery went which was helpful, broken one i tossed on a hot plate then hit it with a suction cup. worked a lot better than the days when i'd try a heat gun. good luck keeping it warm enough to not break

  35. Genuine question here from a long time lurker, once you nerds get these old computers up and running again what do you do with them? Is it mostly for the challenge and learning the tech or do you have other ambitions for them?

  36. Yeah but what if that probe got raised by an alien civilization and came back as an angry cloud looking for its creators

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