1. As much as I can relate to this, I'm afraid you won't find any ID role inside any game studio apart from professional or corporate trainings for employees. There're two options though:

  2. Could you care to explain what instructional role they have in engine resources specifically? And how does it contributes to the gameplay? Is it used for AI agents? Please share

  3. I was washing and portioning baby carrots for myself throughout the week. Would a baby carrot be a choking hazard?

  4. Oh man, I have tried EVERY harness. I like Puppia harnesses because they’re soft and easy to adjust. We used the step-in vest type when she was little. Right now (6 months old) we are using

  5. Husband did his residency here. Then we got sucked into whatever vortex keeps people stuck in fresno.

  6. A kid lit the school I did my first contract in on fire… he did it by lighting up the big rolls of toilet paper in the boys’ washroom. We had to evacuate the school when it was -40, and the elementary school next door wouldn’t let us in until the culprit was caught.

  7. So you don’t want him at school, but you don’t want him at home learning either?

  8. Everyone deserves an education. If you’re starting to believe otherwise, you need a new job.

  9. Zip free suitcases with combination locks - minimum five digits - prevent baggage handlers from thieving from your luggage

  10. TSA will break your locks. You’re not supposed to have locks on bags.

  11. I love it. I’d definitely get a professional head shot though. Or even a nice portrait mode iPhone photo during golden hour with a nice natural background. Your photo looks like it’s a teacher photo, correct?

  12. Please ask your parents to get the poor dog and puppy spayed. It's the right thing to do and so much better and healthier for them.

  13. The right thing to do is protect a dog in heat so no unintended litters happen.

  14. hitting and yelling at my child will turn them into the best adult

  15. Same logic for dogs. Dominance theory was debunked decades ago, and yet people still worship Cesar Milan.

  16. "Moved on" is a funny way to say "gone into denial."

  17. Our Sheltie was completely shaved by the groomer. (Side bar, if you’re unsure of how to groom a Sheltie, why would the default be to shave him, instead of a light trim? But I digress.)

  18. I don't think you are being over reactive. There is a hierarchy in dog interaction. But the doggos' owners needs to be the alpha, not playing games or watching TikyToky on their phones.

  19. Dog dominance is a thing. I've been to many third world countries where dogs avoid humans for sense of survival. Feral dogs prefer to avoid human interaction. Yet in a pack/group mentally, doggos will want to establish a group order. Especially with humans.

  20. The researcher who first proposed the alpha theory actually later said it was wrong because it was based on unrelated wolves in captivity. Dogs have a pecking order but it’s familial, like humans—parents/children make up the pack. Humans should see themselves in a leadership/parental role rather than “dominant” (similar idea but less aggressive.)

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