1. I was at Oceania stage for 8 hours on the rail so Celo, Emorfik, Eazybaked, Trivecta , Marauda, Nghtmre B2B Diesel , and of course Subtronics B2B Ganja

  2. I don’t know, he was wearing a lanyard around his neck. Something about global one or core one or something?

  3. I've been seeing alot of door to door people lately.. they don't target my neighborhood thank God lol. The guys going around about the fire station were wearing yellow and had lanyards.. I only saw them in the north wards.

  4. Rezz was great, but svdden death hit home. It was actually Rezz and Deadmau5, really cool but SD had the crowd going much harder.

  5. I’d join radiate (it’s an app) and try to find some peeps there. The Reddit isn’t very fruitful. Most people will be meeting up at the Walmart near the fest. Your best bet would be to go there, grab what you need, and see if you notice anyone else who appears to be heading to the fest. Lots of peeps will have some room in their cars for a situation like yours

  6. right on I appreciate that. how close is the walmart your talking about to the festival?

  7. LOL that's what I first thought. Just make sure to setup your phone on a bipod and go live on tiktok before you do.

  8. Well for a stake of $300,000 I'd expect that at the very least. Renegade is offering 8% at a fraction of that along with alot more perks than crypto.com offers, plutus too offers 8% with a stake of around $15,000 at current prices again with around 7-8 perks worth $10 each.

  9. after Celsius, I just have a hard time seeing how those rates are sustainable for these business (i dont know their business model, speaking generally).. it makes sense an exchange making money off trading fees during a high traffic time such as a bull run can keep the % for x amount of time. if your able to lock in the card AND the rates for a year without dropping, would be a better move for crypto.com.

  10. Those are some high end units! I'm looking for more all you can eat, but high quality sushi. Usually around 60$ per person for a solid one. Not super worried where it is in the city. Wife is a leaf fan, so preferably tuck her in the back of the restaurant.

  11. The arena is about as central to the region as you can get. Every hotel brand is probably nearby and there’s metro to boot if you don’t stay within walking distance.

  12. were you the guy that told me ide get mine on my next trip?... this was a few days ago lol.

  13. Parklane for sure is who your looking for. They specialize in functional and sustainable landscapes.

  14. The literal utility of CRO is to pay fees on Cronos. Do you plan on making lots of transactions on Cronos? If yes, then staking a corresponding amount to yield the transaction fees makes a ton of sense. But 600kCRO will yield enough to pay for an unimaginable amount of transactions on Cronos.

  15. So, new/better cash back on the cards is off the table? Zero chance of any partnerships that would offer an incentive to hold/ stake cro? The current use case for holding would put the price under 1c... the future speculative use, however... maybe worth holding.

  16. you should repost this...big confidence booster.. I thought I was the only one lol

  17. I think with CG there will always be deaths, no matter how much you do. sometimes the prep room layouts are a joke.. other times it's the dps on hunlef. Was glad I came across your post, I'm sure others would love to see it again as well. As for your dry streak..... no words lmfao. that's harsh. definitely not being rewarded for your persistence

  18. Bro it's not that they could, they surely will as it's one of better income schemes from crypto com, they give you rebates and stuff but dump their own tokens on you, basically gaining easy *10

  19. what's the difference between Michael sailor or the W twins dumping btc on you and me vs cdc and cdc coin? if the rewards are worth holding the coin then why not?? same with bnb coin and their fee payments. edit: holding * not golding

  20. Simple, they are the devs,and hold majority of supply imagine if satoshi dumped btc on us...

  21. or Michael sailor and the w twins... it would cripple the price. it's really just the case of many coins vs the whales... but point being, if the rewards are worth it....why not hold and get 3% back from Amazon purchases for your biz.. as an example

  22. Break the tip after it came out of the hole, or were you sweating bullets during the whole fight?

  23. The line wrapped around the end just as I was about to pull it out of the hole and it broke. just had to shuffle the chair forward a couple inches and I was back at er

  24. yes I loved it! I now have the striker.. that I paid way less for and like it better. it was a great unit though

  25. this unit back in the day was around 450-500$ CAD if I remember. so that's a steal.

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