1. You can get some goerli ETH at this faucet I made

  2. Try scraping from Reddit or sites like it. Learn from the users kinks and let them set preferences based on subreddits/kinks and that would up the addiction factor.

  3. Appreciate it a lot. Allowing people to choose what they want is ideal.

  4. was just curious so I checked it out, the videos are super zoomed in and was hard to see what was actually going on. personally didn't like it.

  5. Love these short stories. At the end what you did was so clever: get a bunch of sales however you can and then move from there

  6. Well ducking said there’s a clear attack on airbnb towards a very clear sentiment in favor of hotels which is bs they are both completely different

  7. All of these comments going against you. I say you’re right, wait until marriage because there’s nothing to gain from pointless sex. When it’s in a loving relationship it’s all that matter.

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