1. Here's two another stats just as a bonus : he is few goals away from being the top scorer of PSG of ALL TIME, and actually he is a few goals away from being the top scorer of Ligue 1 of ALL TIME. And the guy is 23 years old.

  2. He's 100 goals away from the Ligue 1 record, which is 299 goals by Delio Onnis

  3. My bad sorry, it appears that transfermarkt got it all wrong. But anyway Mbappe stats are still crazy for a 23 years old.

  4. Everyday I read something new about this and I say to myself : how the hell the West is still calling itself "the defender of freedom in the world". Really mind-blowing.

  5. I prefer to think that as an Emir, he can't be promoting alcohol as it is Haram

  6. Apparently no one cares in this subreddit.. and it's called Japan... It's weird. At least I found you ! Let's Go Japan!!!!

  7. Do Qatari's take offense to this, or do they think it's cool/funny?

  8. I think as long as it isn't offensive to Islam they would be cool with that, and it isn't offensive to Islam

  9. I'm pretty sure they're selling these in Qatar considering literally every country has supporters wearing these clothes in the colours of their country

  10. Giroud becomes France all time top scorer and Mbappe has 9 World Cup goals at age of 23. This match was freaking good

  11. Don't get too much excited sexy Giroud, Mbappe is definitely coming for your record

  12. He put the ball in the net like he's having a drink of water. What a player.

  13. Expected goals and expected goals against.

  14. I'm kinda new in this, I don't know if a direct move from Euroformula open to F3 is quite common or not

  15. It's pretty much like moving from FRECA to F3 - EF Open is what used to be the F3 Euro Series. Drivers would graduate from that straight to F2 (Mick Schumacher being an example). It's just not as well-known as FRECA because EF Open is not directly under the FIA umbrella.

  16. Yoon's party and government have started the process to

  17. I watched recently the Korean movie "1987: when the day comes" which is a brilliant movie, and I really hope South Korea stays a true democracy, because its citizens really deserve that (I am not Korean, but I like South Korea)

  18. Set in 1987 and based on a true story, the film focuses on the events that led up to the June Democratic Uprising in Korea, triggered by the death of a student protester during police interrogation which the authorities conspire to cover up

  19. I think the correct title would be "in his 16-year F1 career", since 2022 is his 16th season

  20. The last time 1st place in the drivers championship was decided in the final round with ferrari winning was in 2007, where LH, Alonso and Kimi took the battle to the final round

  21. wait, how did lotus get involved when they ended up only having 315 points by the end of the season while Ferrari and Merc ended up having 354 and 360 respectively?

  22. Realistically, it was nearly impossible for them in the last race, but mathematically they were not discarded. They needed both Mercs and Ferrari not scoring, while they score a lot of points (both drivers). But as expected, this didn't happen.

  23. Could by any chance Spain 2016 happen again today? That would be quite a scene

  24. It's like Brazil/Germany vs the rest. It's really interesting how much they are close, they didn't participate in the same number of tournaments, still they played the exact same number of games. But we can't ignore of course the closest one to them in term of titles, Italy.

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