1. Usually you see a kitten who needs to grow into their feet- looks like this one's feet needed to grow to fit them!

  2. god yes please muscular women can do anything they want to me 😩

  3. ooo I can bench 180 and squat 250 and I’m a competitive cheerleader that literally lifts girls as a sport lol

  4. I was on board until I saw “I don’t think it gets much worse than this….” Now I just feel compelled to offer you a very strong recommendation to never ever ever watch original Gossip Girl. Just don’t do it. If Puck’s storyline is too problematic for you, Chuck’s will make you kick a hole through your tv! Also from what I’ve heard I would avoid Riverdale, apparently there’s a love story between a teacher and a high school student there.

  5. I do Uber and many parents order Ubers for minors. Trust me

  6. I didn’t say that kids don’t use Uber. I said it’s not for kids. It’s not a ride share service meant to drive kids around. So this shower thought makes no sense since that saying is for kids but Uber isn’t meant for kids.

  7. Yes but when school is getting out, 75 percent of pings will be a school pick up or drop off, and many people don’t know that it’s against the TOS to have unaccompanied minors ride.

  8. Again. It’s not meant for kids. And like you said, it’s against the TOS. So this post is irrelevant.

  9. It was sad. We’d spent so long seeing her fight for them, I can understand why she got weary. It’s a shame that even in COVID times, she couldn’t have video called Ian for his wedding. I just don’t believe the character wouldn’t want to acknowledge it in anyway.

  10. I mean, it isn’t all about the character. Emmy Rossum left the show and they can’t just like call her and expect her to show up to shoot

  11. That would have been the best thing for Ginny. They were both too young. People are trying to hold up the "Zion should have been a co-parent" argument but that's one way that it really would have worked.

  12. They had no right to try to take her child from her simply because she was young.

  13. They weren't taking her child - they asked Georgia to give them guardianship and Georgia refused. It would have been the best thing for all three of them, but I don't blame Georgia for refusing. I don't blame Zion for that either.

  14. Oh come on. They didn’t say it but they heavily implied that they were gonna be more than “guardians”. They wanted to raise Ginny as their own kid.

  15. Idk what I'm doing wrong :/ It shows up just as :name: for me, even if I edit an already existing flair with a flag and it shows up as, for example :ace:

  16. Does it show the preset suggestions? For example, when you type in :ac does it pop up something to finish for you? It may not be the exact same for each flag. For example, bi is just :bi: but demi is :demisexual_flag: so it’s possible it’s name difference. Try clicking on the preset when it pops up and it should finish it for you, hopefully this works!

  17. It doesn't show any suggestions, sadly :/ But it's weird, yesterday it showed my flair as :ace: :bi: and today it shows the flags correctly :o

  18. Recruiting: Specter Company Hello future Reapers! Me and a team of Admins are working on creating a very unique experience. This is basically a merger between 2 discords: Specter Company and Task Force Venom. This discord has code names, competitions between the two servers, tactical gameplay but not strict on players, a ranking system to feel more realistic, and more! We aim to be eventually the biggest discord about breakpoint! Any Operator interested, Please comment your discord below!

  19. That’s what happend in the end didn’t it?

  20. It’s a little blurry on my phone and I thought for a second that the guy to the right of Santana (who I think is Jesse) was schue and I was like girl I know you did not give him “great”

  21. Aly Raisman. Gorgeous, and amazing gymnast, but I really love all the things she’s done for the community of survivors, how she’s working to destigmatize needing help with mental health, and just overall her being a powerful feminist in general.

  22. somebody accidentally swallowed a dose of angry today. there’s a difference between a show dealing with insurance companies and a show acknowledging the stress of hospital expenses in the U.S.

  23. If OP was to publish a false statement about their mother having herpes, that would be libel and mother could easily sue them.

  24. Please scroll back to the comment thread that this comment is on. This is what we are referring to.

  25. I foster cats. The way I use to train a cat/kitten to the litter box is by putting their excrement in the litter box so the smell is familiar. I know this isn’t easy when it involves pee - especially in a carpet, but I would soak it up with a paper towel as much as possible and put it near/in the box. If they’re pooping in the wrong spots, pick up the poop and put it in the box. Punishing any pets with negative reinforcement like punishment is completely ineffective and also harmful. They don’t always know what they did wrong - they just think you’re being mean and won’t like you. Remember: pets are not children.

  26. did you even watch the show? I understand having different opinions on whether or not she was a good mom. But you can’t just come in here and say things as ridiculous as “I was pissed Ginny was mad at her” come on. She put Ginny through so much emotional trauma, from the guns, to the credit cards, to the way she treats Ginny when she’s angry, to the way she denies a very broken Austin something as simple as therapy, the list goes on and on. You can like Georgia or whatever but don’t act like Ginny has no right to be angry.

  27. Ain't no way this isn't somehow an appropriation of trans struggles with that acronym 😭 if nothing else it just seems in really poor taste

  28. Agreed. The term “sapphic” exists for a reason. I’m not trying to exclude bi women, but the term lesbian is lesbian for a reason. If you’re into men, you’re not a lesbian, it’s really simple.

  29. What about a girl who's homoromantic but bisexual. I think that's along the lines of who is using the term bi lesbian, not "I like men and women, but the lesbian label is so nice" kinda people

  30. I’ll be honest, you make a valid point, that is a different situation. But still, there are umbrella terms such as sapphic, queer, etc. The more people use lesbian as an umbrella term, the less important the term lesbian and its issues become. This is where cis men start to think it’s okay to identify as a he/him lesbian. I’m not saying he/him lesbians don’t exist, I’m specifically talking about actual cis men (public example - the singer Drake).

  31. He is cute and his jokes are cute too.How old is he supposed to be because there seems to be a big age gap between them?

  32. Yeah I think they deliberately didn’t say the diagnosis out loud because its more natural that way, the same as how I don’t think anybody actually said that Clint is deaf, they just had natural conversations surrounding the topic instead.

  33. I believe they did say Clint is deaf, I think Max said it at school or something and I remember Ellen saying it as well I believe.

  34. I think Debbie is gay. I can't really picture her with a man. She was, but I feel like Debbie was different in earlier seasons, more on the questioning side, and now she seems like a full on lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Lip and Carl are probably the straightest guys on the show, I mean Kev worked in a gay bar and provided services, Frank, well blew men to get money for Liam, Monica was with women, and is familiar with gay bars, as she brings Ian to one, and was with a woman twice when not with Frank. Svetlana is into both, I mean you got a few characters, maybe they just didn't want to label them. But hardly anyone on this show is straight.

  35. I think it’s really harmful to call Kev gay because he’s comfortable with his sexuality. He worked at a gay bar but didn’t do anything with the men. You say he “provided services” but he didn’t, he didn’t have sex with the men. Kev is the perfect example of a guy who is completely okay with gay, trans, etc. people, who isn’t racist or misogynist. He works at the gay bar because he is completely comfortable with his sexuality and in love with V and they have good money. Saying that Kev was gay because of that is harmful because now other guys who are comfortable with their sexuality might be homophobic or something to make sure others don’t think they’re gay.

  36. I don’t know why, but the first one I thought of is Teenage Bounty Hunters. It isn’t necessarily the same, but it has similar vibes.

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