1. I don't remember where I read this, it might have been in the comments on that video. So, it could also be total bs. I'll tell you what I read, if you want to investigate. Personally, I'm happy believing it whether it's true or not lol

  2. That’s awesome and even more crazy that he never heard the beat but got the timing perfect. Dude is a wizard.

  3. bro my Grandma used to make me PB & banana sandwiches as a kid. I haven't eaten one in easily over like 10-15 years tho lol I used to love them tho!

  4. I need to try this and see if it’s better than the ghost orange cream, cause that’s my fav so far

  5. Didn't realize they were discontinued anywhere. Og and cherry are still available in the US.

  6. That mtn dew pitch black energy is so good, tried it the other day

  7. My first Ghost was the Swedish Fish flavor. Blew me away.

  8. What does it taste like? I keep seeing it but haven't picked it up because Mt Dew doesn't really have a reputation for making good energy drinks.

  9. I loved their Baja Blast energy drink, this tasted basically like pitch black but less carbonated if that makes sense.

  10. So let me give my top 3 mtn dews cause why not lol 1.Baja Blast 2.Voltage 3.Pitch Black

  11. I usually use a pipe/bowl, they're just too easy. I don't have a bong but I can see how that would be a lot of people's preferred method

  12. Agree, but I had a peach flavor from them that was amazing

  13. Personally I think the flavors taste similar, also the fact they replicated the flavor with no sugar is impressive tbh

  14. Dude this is one of, if not my favorite mtn dew flavor! I need to try this!

  15. I personally like the blue and white monster but ya no monster compares to the original imo

  16. What do u like about it? I tried to like it, but it’s just too tart and the aspartame taste is too there if I’m making sense.

  17. I love the blue monster zero ultra, how’s the black taste?

  18. Damn I love anything black cherry so I’d pry love it

  19. Nice! ya I have a decent selection at the one I go to as well!

  20. But if one of your other carts hit nice in the uni pro with the pre heat I’m guessing it’s a cart issue you are having with the burnt one

  21. They all kinda look a little burnt that one is just the worst so idk also I heard good things about the kodo so I might cop that

  22. That was my first thought as well (you can always hit the LP up and see if it’s a common issue they know about) I had a tribal cart that was spitting like a mf and they replaced that within 24hs (not sure who produced this cart but you may be able to get a replacement

  23. What’s “LP” mean sorry lol, also the company is monster xtracts so ya I might hit up their costumer support or something

  24. Idk if you know Flamesword but he was a pro gamer and they made a red bull with him on it like 10 years ago and I still got it, idk I just think it’s cool lol

  25. Orange cream was my number #1 since release. But that green apple WH is something else. Took the #1 spot for me

  26. Haven’t seen green apple yet but when I do best believe I’m getting it, that’s my favorite warhead flavor

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