1. Calling Buddhism a religion isn’t entirely accurate. At least not in the same sense that any western religion is. When people get into Buddhism they aren’t converting. That implies a wholesale adoption of a framework of beliefs. Its more often the meditation and foundational philosophy that attracts them. But it is far more flexible than say Christianity. Many of the Buddhist teachings resonate because they can be directly experienced through psychedelics. Like a feeling of interconnectedness with nature or being one with the universe.

  2. on average there is slightly more than one death allotted to each human.

  3. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the paradox of humor for some time now. The funniest man in the world is also the least funny

  4. There are numerous accounts of people having full psychedelic experiences on weed. There are several things that will help you get there

  5. I hung in there until we all started the Pay Lay Ale chant. Then my brain started screaming at me, “YOU ARE IN A CULT!!!”. Closest I ever came to “feeling the spirit” or hearing the “still small voice” in all my years in the church.

  6. I’ve been telling people for years now that I didn’t feel the spirit until after I left the church. But actually I think you nailed it. I felt it first in the temple. When I got a very strong impression of “this is a cult. Run”

  7. Jokes on you, its weighted to always land on one more game. You die of sleep exhaustion. She collects your estate and the life insurance. Runs off into the sunset with her lover.

  8. My family keeps asking how I’m doing. I’m never sure how answer as my explanation is likely significantly beyond the scope of their question.

  9. What about things that are harder like "my spouse abuses me"

  10. You have 3 options: 1) accept the situation 2) take action to change the situation 3) leave the situation. Regardless of which one you choose, wishing things were different and being upset they aren’t doesn’t help

  11. Accepting your situation doesn’t require non action. Just as accepting that it is raining may cause you to take action to put on boots and a raincoat, accepting that you are in an abusive relationship may cause you to take action by seeking couples counseling or filing for divorce.

  12. Yeah seems like fantasy stuff to me. :)

  13. Unclear on if the irony with that statement was intentional or not. Either way thanks for the laugh

  14. Maybe its best to leave unclear. You're welcome though :D

  15. True. Sorry about your downvotes, though to be honest they just make it funnier

  16. It’s like falling in love with a woman, more and more with time. At first it’s physical, then it’s the mind then it’s the heart.

  17. That is a fantastic metaphor. Thanks for sharing

  18. It is not the spoon that bends, only yourself.

  19. I was feeling this sense of my problems being absurdly trivial. How could something like a broken light be worth getting frustrated over?

  20. This is what I felt too after tripping on shrooms last March 2018. I felt “enlightened” for about a month after that trip lol. Unforgettable

  21. Since you’re open to considering new perspectives, this one may blow your mind…

  22. Thanks for sharing. I’ll see if I can make some time for it. Just to clarify. I do actually believe in God. More so now then when I was in the church. I just define God very differently. I don’t believe in the majority of the Bible however. The biblical view of God (at least the one I’m familiar with) is just so limited. Still I’m always open to hearing new perspectives

  23. I mean to each their own. If it doesn't call to you then don't. But do keep in mind you are taking the word of a random amazon reviewer over an educated scientist who has made this her life work.

  24. Bro…. Why? This does not serve you. Let it go.

  25. Teaching through experience. 🙏❤️

  26. You may find that simply allowing things to be may serve you better. But your path is your own. I wish you luck either way friend.

  27. Thanks for sharing friend. I’ve personally been feeling a strong pull to better understand non duality and therefore understand God. I recommend the endeavor if it resonates.

  28. Psychedelics work by decreasing blood flow to the default mode network. This brain structure is what creates our sense of self, or our ego. Once you decrease the egos hold you strip away limiting beliefs and the filter of the persona we adopt to fit into society. So you essentially are your true self.

  29. Thanks for posting. The timing of this is remarkable

  30. I would love to know more about nonduality appearing in Mormonism! I know there are strands of it in Christianity through the mystical traditions, but I didn't think any of that made it's way into Mormonism. Can you point me to any reading or videos?

  31. Sure. To my knowledge no one in the church is aware of non duality, so it isn’t taught. But it’s pretty clear reading it now. Google 2 Nephi chapter 2. It starts around verse 11.

  32. It is a very strange experience finding the truths hidden in the religion one grew up in. Grew up Mormon and found a chapter in their book that is a brilliant explanation of non duality.

  33. Absolutely. Aldous Huxley wrote about it with The Mind at Large. It was also briefly explored in How to Change Your Mind (book), as a suppression of the default mode network. Dr. Donald Hoffman actually came up with a mathematical model (way beyond me) to explain how it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint

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