AITA For tricking my parents into being on time for my wedding.

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  1. It's a pure bidding exercise. No bids = $1 COE.

  2. I understand the mechanism of the bidding exercise. What I don’t understand is why there is no floor, as it was my understanding that an expensive COE was the deterrent to owning a car.

  3. You have it backwards. Expensive COE is not the deterrent. The QUOTA is the deterrent. There is only a fixed maximum number of vehicles allowed on the island at all times. This number is NOT determined by lowering demand by making COEs expensive. This number is determined by LTA by estimating road space and vehicle usage.

  4. Ah OK, I see. That makes sense to cap it in that way, because there’s only a maximum number of vehicles there roads can handle. Thanks for explaining, I appreciate it

  5. Your red flags started at “she’s a very compromising and solution-finding individual”. She’s the one compromising, and what are you doing?

  6. I really like it, but I'm a small woman and it's a little too long for my neck. I can't wear it with my jacket and mask without it pushing my mask onto my chin, so I sold it on to a guy in my club who's not had any issues with it.

  7. How do we actually refer to these? It seems like Vytis, Arcem, and Tempus Fugitives have exactly the same item, each branding it as their own.

  8. It's made by Vytis. Black Armoury and TF resell it under their own brand.

  9. “He’s waiting for my apology” And you’re not waiting for his… because he’s already apologised to you… right?

  10. I wouldn’t assign any value to any food items, even unopened non-perishables. You don’t know where it’s been or how it’s been kept, and you’ll be responsible for any H&S that arises from it. Definitely don’t touch anything that has been opened.

  11. So it’s a case whereby, from the customer’s POV, there’s absolutely no change? No downtime during the transfer of ownership? I think I understand your question a little better now.

  12. I mean, I do this with certain friends who can’t be punctual. Serves your mother right. She needs to learn how to keep time

  13. I would have said NAH but I’m going to say YTA, because you demanded compensation. It’s an accident and stuff like this happens. Unfortunately this time it’s tuition fees, you need to take care of your nice stuff.

  14. I don’t know what your lease says, but in general the notice period can be given by either party, either to renew or to lapse. Since you don’t seem particularly keen to quote your lease agreement I have no idea what it says, but I would say that you should have given notice.

  15. You could use Autosol and sandpaper, as an alternative

  16. Haha yes, I’m there too! HEMA and painting are my two main hobbies

  17. Out of all the sentences in that story, I was not expecting Violet to give the veil back. Whether she did it because she felt pressured to or because she knew it was the right thing to do, I’m glad she gave it back when you asked for it.

  18. There are no specific terms for the “state of being advantaged” and the “act of gaining that advantage,” but I’d say the closest thing to what you’re looking for is Vor and Indes respectively. I’m capitalising them for clarity, they are technically not capitalised.

  19. “I’m grounded for making my little brother go to bed hungry”

  20. FYI SupFen is the manufacturer for a bunch of brands. But they don’t make Spes items

  21. I find painting and drawing cathartic. I hope things get better for you.

  22. Thanks, friend 💛 I always find myself putting off painting, but I always enjoy it when I come back to it. I should stick to my schedule and do it more often

  23. That hits home. I put some purple on a model last night and had to quit as time was up. Glad you had the time you did and thanks for sharing.

  24. Sending hugs. Hope you find more time to unwind soon too 💛

  25. I've found that newcomers who have previous martial arts experience very much often fall back on previous habits. Strictly speaking, no it's not historical and I can understand why that might be annoying, but training is a process and people don't snap perfectly into a new habit overnight. Personally, as an instructor in my club, I try and give tips when I see a pattern forming, but there's a balance between giving constructive criticism and overwhelming a student with corrections. Since he's new, he may need some time to get used to our HEMA habits.

  26. I mean, that’s nice of the mum to want to treat both of you to so much, but it’s incredibly presumptuous and short sighted of her to just assume that her son can drop everything and go on holiday and (I would even go so far as to say) shirk his responsibility as a parent.

  27. Oof. Those are some absolutely gorgeous shadows in the fabric. And I love the red end of her nose too, really ties it in with her hair.

  28. And nice work on the EXU on the back! I just flipped through the rest of the pictures.

  29. Reminds me of when I moved to a new flat, and I was chatting with my new flatmates over a few minor defects (faulty showerhead, etc.) and they asked me incredulously "what defects period?" To which I replied "I negotiated it into my lease when I read it through" and the response was "you can do that?"

  30. Nice and clean! Is it meant to be petals and clouds? I'm afraid the pattern is a little abstract for me

  31. Love the ginger. GW has a really nice recipe for their red hair.

  32. NTA for protecting your assets. He doesn’t get his name on the paperwork ESPECIALLY if he doesn’t contribute financially. I’d probably also suggest getting a pre-nup in case he decides to pull anything funny.

  33. I like my Regenyei, and it's an absolute tank. It's good enough for training, has good flex, and I probably won't buy another feder. However, I've also heard many good reviews from other members in my club of pretty much the entire

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