1. New throwout brg, maybe its gummed up or something? gonna check it out this weekend and see whats up

  2. Yea ive been getting alot of that and the input shaft bearing. gonna check the TBO this weekend

  3. Wow, havent seen one of these surface in a while! So sick, Cheers!

  4. yea basically all you can do, recommend just replacing the clutch

  5. These things flew! I was so surprised. I wanted to skate one. I think these are pretty ugly I'm surprised people are "collecting" them

  6. Anyone got A supreme deck for the low?? :) need a thrasher

  7. Cant believe people think boards shouldn’t be skated.

  8. NA 3.2 VR6, lsd, wilwood discs up front, mk4 discs out back and undecided on suspension but otherwise returning it to its former glory, original colour with cream stripes and all

  9. Straight rad, doing basically the same resto!!! goodluck!

  10. Is there actually a autocross event in WA?

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