1. Useless cunts driving slower than me and dangerous cunts driving faster than me

  2. I'd love to see someone speeding past me just fuckn slam head first into a tree lol

  3. Ok. I'm just trying to ascertain if I'm weird for sending a card or not.

  4. Don't try to be perfect. If you can be relatively relaxed and not be weird; hold a conversation etc you're already ahead of most guys.

  5. You assumed I target the sub. Why else would someone target a sub unless you think I hate women for some reason..

  6. Attention from demographics of the sub I would think is as common as hate. Wanting communal support against something you think is a communal issue is another really common one.

  7. I simply asked a question? Don't see where I demanded attention..? Please do point out where I said I want attention. This ain't a womens sub.

  8. Very interesting to me how someone the same age as me is getting a divorce and I haven't even had a gf yet. Dam I feel like a loser

  9. How to be a proper friend. Do I text them every day? How do I know if they’re bored of me or if I’m bothering them? Do they actually like me or are they just very polite? I just wait for them to make the first move and always assume I’m bothering everyone.

  10. If you wait for them to make the first move I'm the type of person to think well this friend isn't much of friend if they always make me make the first move

  11. Whats with the ridiculous before after photos.

  12. That's actually good to hear. Gives me confidence that if I put a bit of effort in I can be in the above average

  13. OK, first step is to realise you’re grieving. You’ve lost something important to you - integral to your identity and your world view.

  14. So you're saying to continue obsessing over them when you can't have them?

  15. I thought tinder only worked for hot people. You must be jacked as duck bro

  16. Because I was fat and weak and knew that girls thought I was ugly and gross. That was 15 years ago.

  17. So did you get girls after getting jacked? Assuming you gor jacked

  18. Health reasons. Once you hit a certaim age, muscle mass starts to slowly decrease unless you regularly do strength training. Use it or lose it.

  19. Hear me out. Daughter got some Jelly Belly

  20. They literally all taste good any who says otherwise Is an influencers trying to get content

  21. If you can't go the speed limit get the fuck out of the right lane brother

  22. If it makes you feel any better I haven't made it out the desert yet

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