1. Hatchet Creek. Absolutely beautiful. You can put in at Hwy 280 and go to CR 29. That will be 3 days.

  2. I’d love to check back in on this. Also looking for a similar trip.

  3. Same. Camped just south of the hwy 22 bridge at Wadley the first night. We make it a 2 night trip. I vaguely remember seeing that railroad track that follows the river on Google maps. I heard the trains ALL night long. Never again.

  4. Happened right after the dumbass hit me what a day?????? Jesus Christ man.

  5. Ummm, did they run a car into the wall or something?

  6. Only one man for the job. Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire.

  7. What are peoples experience with Rank 45? They feel like good quality.

  8. I've looked at them in boot barn. Made in China and junk are the first things that come to mind.

  9. Probably not so bad then. I just remembered the pair I looked at were marked China so I put them back down.

  10. I've got the same pair but lighter vamp. Do yourself a favor and condition the fool out of those shafts (like daily) They look extra stupid under your pants until the shaft gets broken in because of that deep scallop cut. They'll calm down and behave though. Just got to get past that. Super comfortable too. I wore mine yesterday and noticed several times how much I actually liked that medium square toe. Little more than cutter but nowhere near as gaudy as wide square.

  11. I've often wondered after receiving the emails from apex if the factory striker was as bad as they say. Guess I know now. Their trigger made my meh 509t into an outstanding pistol.


  13. So I'm sitting around looking at the boots I'm wearing today and think...... These aren't far from a resole. Wonder if I can go to a single stitch instead of the double stitch when I get them resoled. I consult the Google machine and this is the first thing I see. While I'm sure it's entirely possible my question is, is it practical?

  14. I think UGA would have won this game by 3 scores even if their players were all dying of dysentery right there on the field.

  15. Yeah and eff the Updykes. WDE, Go Dawgs.

  16. Lexol cleaner and conditioning kit and a horse hair brush should all be lower then $25

  17. This. Or Bick plus brush. Same-ish $25-$35 price. Never buy the upsale kit in anything. The "bundle" was invented by sales guys looking to make more money. This advice coming from a sales guy who makes a version of a bundle to pad sales figures/raise margin in the pipe game on a daily basis.

  18. Same as the other guys. Sharpie. Super easy to do welt stitching that way. I'd bet my left hoo-ha that in looking at Ariat boots.

  19. These guys know. A bootjack is something you never knew you needed until you did.

  20. Leave this stickied at the top please. It's great info.

  21. I’m sure you’ll find some of you look hard enough, lolololol

  22. Shouldn't even have to look hard. There's country folks everywhere. Get out away from the big cities and start asking around. Somebody will know where to get what you need or somebody that does.

  23. I'll get down on some Algonquin style vamps. Its a great vintage look, great find man.

  24. Yep. Just found something I never knew I needed. Algonquin. I bet those would look great with jeans. Off to eBay.

  25. And that's where the pressure washer died. But the boots are fire. I've actually been looking for a pair of pirarucu with a 7/french toe. What are these?

  26. Soooo… what are you using for heat?

  27. Hundred dollar bills apparently

  28. Jeez. I assume pink mist out of the other end?

  29. Stay away from horses. You get stepped on in those things you need toe transplants.

  30. It's ok. He already needs a brain transplant apparently.

  31. And people make fun of me for running my pool covered in Alabama 24/7-365 in Alabama. Variable speed motor and usually only run in about 800 rpm in the winter. When the temp got stupid, wide open baby. Been bitten by the frozen and busted parts bug in the past. Not again. Truly hate it for everyone going through it.

  32. 8.2788 cents/kwh. At low speeds it's about $10-$15 a month.

  33. I know this will bue downvoted I fail to see the issue with permitless carrying. The only reason law enforcement was so vocal against it is due to it eliminating a source of income for them. It also has a provision that forces you to inform officers that you are carrying.

  34. Upvote and wholeheartedly agree with everything you said.

  35. Nah. Upvote from me my guy. Phone camera flipped it. Business was squished. Feel like the alcohol won't take color out? That's my only hesitation. I have zero intention of using a tool to stretch them. That's what the cobbler is for.

  36. I generally know what I'm doing too and if it's good enough for y'all, then color me swamp footed tomorrow at work. Got a pair of Lucchese I was going to drop off one day this week to have the heel caps replaced on. Figured I'd let him have a go at stretching them. I'll try the alcohol/water and see where that gets me first. If'n it's good enough for elephant Rios then it's good enough for my Montana gators. Thanks for all the help.

  37. Yeah. Like you said. Had experience. As in past tense.

  38. Check out the new Springfield Hi-Power's they look really nice and Springfield has always been a reputable company. Or you could see if you can find any Inglis Hi-Power North of the border now that our crooked Prime minister banned all semi autos. Since then I have seen a lot of Mr308 and Mr223's floating around the States when I use to see more 416/417 upper and lowers. We have a similar website to GunBroker called Not sure if they ship south of the boarder as I have never purchased a firearm online before. Best of luck! Hi-Power is very popular here as it has been the Canadian Forces chosen sidearm utill recently adopting the P320 this year.

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