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  1. It's about damned time Democrats start raising hell instead of acting so spineless. They need to stand up and take, before any more kids are murdered and the phony "pro-life" folks try to justify the carnage.

  2. I agree, but it's like arguing with a "flat earther". Republicans are not sensible and I don't know how they can be reasonably interacted with. It's a terrible problem when one side is unreasonable and the result is dead Americans

  3. We don't have to change flat earthers' minds... We have to go around them to the American people. Republicans fear losing masses of voters more than they fear the gun lobby/manufacturers. The voters just need someone to lead. (And, a solid win of the House would help :)

  4. I've had no problem being prescribed pain meds by pain management, but I have x-rays that easily prove my pain. The ERs in my area won't give pain meds no matter how bad your pain is. They have no reason to believe you and usually don't.

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  6. The courts should be doing whats in the childs best interest. Ive seen them do exactly what you said they wont on multiple occassions w people i know personally. So your comment is factually incorrect. They will. It may not be common, but its happened

  7. Courts have frequently erred on which parent is the better choice for the child. (true story, sadly)

  8. The size was way too big as well and I didn't want to bother him or me with the logistics of exchanging it for a different kind

  9. Oh, you poor child! How do you manage to carry on after such an egregious error on the part of your father? Nevertheless, I'm glad you were able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move beyond it.

  10. PhRMA had been very successful convincing a lot of people that the exact same small molecule chemical is not the same thing. It’s what we see with generics and what we see with compounding.

  11. I agree. There are a lot of lobbyists and a lot of money flowing to the FDA from pharmaceutical companies. The FDA is not above significantly misleading the public to protect pharma profits. You need to dig below the surface for the facts.

  12. My pharmacy gave me extra ones as well. It's a small family-owned pharmacy.

  13. I know a technique that's 100% effective, not giving a shit about the sex of the baby and just being happy that they were born safe and healthy and their mom made it through fine as well.

  14. You might be surprised at how many folks want "designer" babies. I wonder when they'll be able to choose hair color, height, intellect potential.

  15. Its definitely a controversial subject. I assume most people would be ok for genetic editing for things like preventing certain diseases. But its really not black and white. A condition that causes deformed fingers? Sounds reasonable. Deformed teeth? Sounds like designer baby.

  16. The question is never about "murder" or whether abortion is right or wrong. That is a religious perspective. Our government was never intended to make laws based on religion. That is why we have separation of church and state.

  17. She seems to forget that the baby belongs to dad, too. She really pisses me off. She is unbelievably unsympathetic. OP, if a man doesn't tear up over his child's birth, he isn't the kind of man most women would want. I cannot imagine the control she will take over everything relayed to that baby. She doesn't seem to appreciate a good dad...I guess she and her mother think babies just belong to mom. I never had a baby without their dad present...I agree with wthfrfaid (and dad). OP, NTA, your wife is. Don't let her interfere with your relationship with your child. Your child needs you, no matter what your wife says. Yeah, she really pisses me off. I'm sorry you have to go through this. It is not normal for the mother to totally cut the loving dad out.

  18. YTA. Your children are not responsible for raising their siblings. If your youngest son is feeling neglected, that is on you to handle. Perhaps you can come up with some family activities that everyone would enjoy doing so that all of your children get quality time together.

  19. Actually, in big families, the older kids are expected to help with the younger ones. That's not parentification, it's family responsibility. There is a lot to take care of with that many kids. I don't necessarily support that, but that's the way it is.

  20. Exactly this! She wants to spend time with her husband, whom she doesn't see for days at a time. They need to be a couple so they don't end up divorced. When my husband worked day shift and I was home with the kids, it was like I was a single parent. He'd wake up at 11am, leave at noon, come home around 11:30pm. It sucked. Now he goes in at 4am and is home around 2pm. We can at least see him for a few hours before he has to go to bed around 8pm. OP needs to use his parents as babysitters and go out with his wife, even if it's only for an hour. Then they can be home but have some "Adult Time" once OP gets some rest. Gotta find a compromise and figure out how to get everyone's needs met.

  21. I agree. I also caution OP to be acutely on the lookout for *postpartum depression*.

  22. Yeah, it kind of annoys the crap out of me that the porn star garbage is what he’s getting arrested on first. As if it affected the election at all. He did so much garbage during his life, even ignoring his candidacy, that it’s a drop in the bucket and his fascist followers don’t care.

  23. Right like why are we afraid of a few fascists? I thought we were a superpower.

  24. It's kind of scary when they are elected to positions of power in the government. We'll soon be educated on how badly a few fascists can screw things up.

  25. He doesn't care; he isn't paying his attorneys, his hangers-on are footing the bill. Yeah, they still haven't figured out his scams...the ones he does right out in the open.

  26. Does anyone know if the RNC cut him off? They did state that if he announced for President, they would have to stop paying his legal bills. I just haven't heard anything since then

  27. They were supposed to cut him off when he announced his candidacy, but I don't know the status of that. Knowing them and him, they devised a workaround.

  28. She's a poorly educated person's idea of smart. Unfortunately, there are a helluva lot more poorly educated Americans than I thought there were.

  29. Mine was from a pharmacist. I have half my pain meds as Percocet 10/325 and 15mg Oxycodone. I found the lower dosage will bring my pain down enough so I can get shit done and has helped me not increase my dosage for 6 years. I know there will be a day my body stops responding to the 10/325, but I wanted to push that day out as far as possible. When I went to fill my script, the pharmacist refused because I was getting different dosages of an opioid. I explained why. He looked me in the face and said that didn’t make sense (this is after I’ve been doing this for 4 years). I told him it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t understand, my doctor agrees and ordered my meds this way. The pharmacist continued to challenge me and refused to fill the prescription. This was at one of the two largest pharmacies in the US. I found a small local pharmacy. They filled the prescription with no questions. They have been awesome. They will fill a prescription if it is a day early, because they are humans that understand people are in real pain. I highly suggest a local place instead of the big places.

  30. I switched from CVS to a small family owned pharmacy, and they've been fantastic with my meds.

  31. Really just looking for advice on if others dealt with it. Not self conscious about it at all. Just wanted to know if others experienced it.

  32. I thought everyone with moderate to severe scoliosis had a rib hump. I sure have. FWIW, I am too old for surgery now but when I consulted with my spine surgeon, he told me I would need three major surgeries... One for my spine and one on each side of my rib cage.

  33. I have/had this problem with the twenty-somethings in my house. They stopped when I asked them to, but when I was trying to find a solution, I saw this neat gadget on Amazon made just for this problem.

  34. The psychologist also tried some pseudo scientific way of assuring me by saying "there is nothing wrong with you" and opening then flipping a psychological book or something while not actually reading it, explaining it or even just doing anything besides flipping it while saying "see there's nothing wrong with you". I'm 18, i'm not an idiot

  35. Do you know what the educational requirements are for a psychologist?

  36. I think I might be the asshole for reneging on an agreement and being a pushover and letting someone into my home this roommate may not be comfortable with. But I’ve also talked to them before and I don’t feel like my animals are safe with them, even if it may be somewhat unintentional.

  37. Your pets depend on you to care for them and to leave them with a responsible caregiver when you can't be there. They cannot let you know when things go wrong.

  38. I also don’t really know what to do about it, so I’m probably not going to do anything at all.

  39. It's not your place to do anything about it. You are not the disability police.

  40. I think they know he needs a hospital. Do you know how to get a conscious adult possibly experiencing DTs to a hospital?

  41. When my mother refused to go, we told her, along with her Dr., that we would 302 her if she refused. She wasn't happy about it, but she relented.

  42. Be very careful taking that much. I did that for migraines several years ago and now have kidney failure. NSAIDs are very hard on your kidneys.

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