1. The linked PR has been down for a while now. Was this a premature announcement? It is reported anywhere else?

  2. It was premature, but has been since posted under another link:

  3. Franz Tost has surprised all by taking Lewis Hamilton out of the equation for the title for next year. It is true that like AlphaTauri he always looks sideways at the mother team and helps somewhat in the psychological warfare, and likewise the Briton has had his worst season in F1, but it seems a risky prediction.

  4. It's official since Abu Dhabi. Nico Hulkenberg will take her place at Haas in 2023. What do you think?

  5. COVID rule does count in his case: "if the three-season window includes the year 2020, then the highest scoring three seasons out of the four previous seasons are to be counted"

  6. British F4 champ, Had a few difficult years then brilliant rookie F3 season (2nd). Zane is the real deal.

  7. Pretty much struggled only in EFO 2020, possibly not adapting well to the car. His only FRECA season in 2021 was also quite decent (4th, with his teammates David and Hadjar 2nd and 5th)

  8. So I guess MangaPlus did pick this up. Makes sense, since the author of is doing this.

  9. Seems like this is the first title picked up by another TL group WELLTRANS. Makes sense because they need more people as MangaPlus is starting to pick up every new J+ series from January.

  10. I haven't seen this being mentioned in the comments, but DHL joined as a primary sponsor of only Chadwick's Andretti entry.

  11. Is that not typical in Indy NXT? Isn't it the same for their indycar entry with Grosjean?

  12. Isn't this kinda dangerous, putting aside how ridiculous this proposition is? Sudden loss of downforce may cause incidents, especially in tricky corners/timings

  13. As it says in the article, the car in the front would lose some downforce and the car activating the reverse DRS would gain some

  14. Dumb question. When does the season start?

  15. Adrian Newey had sharply criticized the new rules in advance. Meanwhile, Red Bull's star designer has changed his mind. The new cars demand more from the engineers than expected and one concept surprised even an old hand like Newey.

  16. Ricciardo decided to do so in mid-2018, and opted for the adventure with Renault. Despite some nice results - two podium places and a fifth place in the 2020 Drivers' Championship - it was not a resounding success. His switch to McLaren afterwards, except for a magical afternoon with a surprise win at Monza, ended in disaster. As a result, Ricciardo now returns to the old nest at Red Bull, but as an ambassador and test and simulator driver instead of a regular driver.

  17. I think the action here was Lewis. But it’s silly because all he did was take the normal line while Perez pushed Leclerc off

  18. To me it looks like Leclerc was going wide out of the chicane regardless (Perez cutting the corner catching him by surprise)

  19. How things changed since June when they were playing FIFA together at home

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