1. The PC parts are expensive. 8 GB of ram, 4 TB of space, AMD cpu, i’m not getting a new one. That’s just money I don’t have.

  2. You can reuse the hard drives. And 8 gigs of ram can be as chap as 20 bucks.

  3. Sure, but everything else is expensive. Once again, money I don’t have. The hard drives don’t even seem to be working and i’m 80% that’s the issue, but I can’t be sure since everyone wants to say that I should buy a new pc rather than attempt to fix it. I don’t have money to fix it I just got bored and wanted to see if I can fix it.

  4. That’s why I made this post, I’ve build pcs in the past and this hasn’t happened to me. Everything is connected just fine. I’m not sure what the problem is.

  5. Hey OP! Your spood will be more happy if they can web up a bit higher in the enclosure, unfortunately metal mesh lids aren't suggested for tarantulas and this enclosure provides no cross ventilation. Cross ventilation is very important for this species. Half cork tubes set vertically will provide better hiding spot and reduce stress. Also, putting way more substrate and maybe some foliage (even fake) will help them have more surface space to place webbing. This is an arboreal tarantula so the fact that it's spending time on the ground looking stressed just means you have to make some adjustments. I'm sure your t will thank you!

  6. Okay! I bought my enclosure from petco because it was a kit and all of the stuff inside came with the enclosure so I wasn’t sure it would be the best but it was the cheapest option. I put in some more plants and gave it more space to climb and he is back on the side again. I put branches and more leverage so he can build his web so if he still doesn’t like it then i’ll go ahead and return the cage and get a new one.

  7. That makes perfect sense, the average petco employees are not educated in proper tarantula care. They usually try to apply reptile logic... putting them on cork bark, with heat lamps or sponges. Your best bet is to put in some research and move your new buddy to a smaller enclosure with a lot more hiding area and cross vent. The reality is that you won't see your new buddy too often if they are happy and healthy

  8. Okay! I’ll look into some new enclosures. Thank you!!

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