1. Just wanted to say a thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading it and I think your writing / analysis was profound.

  2. To me it felt like a direct reference to the opening of Irreversible. It feels like a descent into hell and also something to juxtapose the opening party scene with. I haven’t seen Boogie Nights but I have seen a lot of people comparing the scene to that movie as well.

  3. Yeah it's so much like Boogie Nights, borderline to a fault.

  4. I tell people it’s a 2/10 plot with 8/10 visuals to make a 5/10 movie

  5. 8/10 visuals? I'd love to hear some examples of better CGI lmao

  6. Any movie he's in immediately feels like it was straight to video.

  7. Wind River, Arrival, The Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible, The Town...

  8. Damn that's toooo far out. More than 2.5 years.

  9. The Batman (2022) took place on Halloween. Doubt this happens as there was a lot of setup with the climax of that movie

  10. I tutored ESL kids in college and seeing their faces light up with amazement when the book fair would come was always so priceless. I stayed after without pay just to help set it up/take it down. So, so worth it.

  11. Tom Cruise looks to be a workaholic tho, quite opposite from Leo that gives a easy going vibe.

  12. Leo is the most prestigious actor working now that DDL is retired and I think his pickiness garners attention & helps sell the movies he's in. Don't think "easy going" is the way describe hia filmography; that would be better suited for an actor like Adam Sandler.

  13. Never even heard of this guy but wow he was good last year.

  14. All natural lighting during the jet sequences. That's insanely impressive even if the story/dialogue may been cliche

  15. I'm all over the place, I love skipping genres, but the books of fiction I like the most have one commonality: the character work is front & center

  16. There’s a lot of different takes on when to stop some say just read the original six that Frank wrote. Some say stop three or four. But the general consensus I’ve seen is each book is worse than the previous and don’t ever bother with what his son wrote.

  17. My rankings would go 1, 2, 4, 5, 3 and I still really liked them all. Planning on reading 6 at some point this year

  18. Who's going to do the "Outs that would've been home runs in 2023" video?

  19. How would this result in more outs? Im confused

  20. When Zobrist struck out Yadi in his last appearance ever.

  21. Recently, I've really enjoyed the sudden and shocking drop off of Yelich and how much his contract will seem to weigh down MKE for the rest of the decade.

  22. This sub clearly grew up sheltered. I was allowes to watch way more violent stuff at a young age.

  23. When I was visiting London it seemed like everybody on the Tube was reading The Goldfinch.

  24. The painting or the book?? I was so disappointed in the movie. Of course I was, they’re never as good. Man I LOVED this book.

  25. Ive not seen the painting in person but the book is an all time favorite of mine. Haven't stopped thinking about it

  26. There have been rumors around Correa’s chronic injuries for years now. This was nothing new. Even before the signed with the Giants, there were plenty of rumors that his injuries were bad.

  27. Correa hadn't ever been on the IL his entire career due to his ankle that popped up and raised concerns for the NYM/SFG. His previous injuries may have been a factor but no long-term concerns over his ankle (which axed not one but two separate agreements) were public knowledge until this fiasco.

  28. The Black Phone was a thrilling time, had a lot of fun

  29. Public will.... wait for it to be on Disney plus...

  30. Yea. It's easier to keep top box office numbers if you just keep re-releasing your films.

  31. In what way is my comment tied to the Marvel Movies? I made no mention. You seem to be jumping to conclusions.

  32. Tf you talking about? You're crying about JC movies, Avatar 2's success and you're active in comic book subs. Of course you are what you deny. Also, why would I be worried JC's movies wouldn't hold? They all literally have LOL

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