1. They've gotten control over their goddess powers enough to fly. The merge is happening.

  2. Nintendo sent him a letter saying Miyamoto and Reggie never actually corresponded with Chris.

  3. Joe gonna call the smartest guy in the room an idiot rogan.

  4. One of his cringiest moments in his lineup of the cringe: telling a primatologist PhD that she was a fucking idiot because she called him out for being confidently incorrect about shit he had no business discussing (as is tradition with that bozo.)

  5. Joe is gonna learn why Jimmy and Steven run from him.

  6. It's come to my knowledge that a sword that was also a chainsaw wouldn't work well. First, the motor is going to mess up weight distribution, but I guess you could beat the first guy that came at you with a regular sword. The thing is you're going to have to replace the chain and did you bring any bar oil?

  7. Everyone is welcome here. I support Marianne because I'm a secular humanist, and her policies are very humanist.

  8. Another day, another mass shooting.Good morning America.

  9. Reminder Sockness is a trash person who thinks he's a wizard. Sockness needs to take a shower and go to therapy.

  10. I just hope people don’t try and talk to Megan about this. She most likely already knows Chris was released today, and he still talks about her. Aside from Barb, she’s the person whose safety I’m most concerned for upon Chris being let out of jail.

  11. He's out, but we don't know if he's free or going to a group home with as he calls them slow of mind.

  12. This is something that I think people including me are thinking over. Does chris actually think that he's female or did he transmaxing. Transmaxing is when an incel goes trans in order to get with lesbians. I just want to stress that chris is a special case where any Pronouns work.

  13. Transmaxing is literally what Chris is doing. This word perfectly describes his acts

  14. He was the first let's player and the first brony. It wouldn't surprise me that he's the first transmaxer.

  15. I can't wait untill I meet my ocs and they all want to do incest with me.

  16. I would pay a lot of cash for his "godess logs". I can clean it up and publish it.

  17. It's up to Barb if it was incest or rape and incest.

  18. To my knowledge, Barb was never diagnosed with anything. She's the same age as Joe Biden and he's president. We don't know. Chris and Barb could be something horrible or something much more horrible. Depends on what batb says.

  19. I'd like to remind everyone not to interact with Chris. If you feel bad for chris and want to help him, don't. If you want to harm or troll him, don't. Null tried to help and he got kicked in the nuts. Bella tried to get him to kill himself and got exposed as the scum of the earth that belongs in jail. Nothing good ever comes for interacting with Chris.

  20. I severely dislike pessimists who end their comments just when they have triggered severe depression.

  21. I both begin and end my comments with severe depression. As for iambic pentameter, shall I compare you to a summer's day? If you were a summer's day, I'd stay inside with the ac on.

  22. Remember this is the 2016 world’s reaction to the film “Genius.”

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