1. I've always loved the story of Arthas from Warcraft. I'd love if they made it into a movie

  2. Don't believe so I got a neighbour who is a insect specialist who answers a question if I let him rub my head for 5 seconds. I'll ask him when I see him next

  3. Bald heads are the lucky ones. You see a bald man at a Chinese TAB and he'll be the most popular one there. Once they accept the first pair of hands it's on. everybody in there will be rubbing his head within minutes

  4. Mate I'll pick them up and deliver them to your house for less then that easy. I'll do a few trips and fit them in my sedan. That's so expensive

  5. I would do the same but apparently they are shipping from Sydney once I talked to them a bit more about it (it’s an online store).

  6. Maybe the chairs are not stacked. Each one is probably in a big box on its own covered in bubble wrap. Sucks though

  7. Reminds me of the guy who finally met his beautiful 19yr old girlfriend after many years online to discover it's a 35yr unemployed Irish man... Long distance online dating is a hoot.

  8. I love walking around the lake always see the craziest stuff. Had 2 women going for a walk in front of me when some random red necks on row boats come over to the edge of the water "hey ladies wanna come for a ride, I'd love to sniff your arses if you'd let me?" The ladies laugh but turn them down and then the guys continue to row beside them begging them to show them their bare asses or breasts... Classic Tuggeranong.

  9. I'm on pc and I'd struggle with that shot with getting that lead time right. Great shot

  10. I skip when Ross's super attractive cousin comes around to stay... Can't handle the cringe

  11. Wtf this is just crazy. I'd rather sleep or do other things then have sex for 5 hours straight I don't care even if it's 3 super models at the same time. I'm not doing 5 hours of sex.

  12. I've never had problems with people really. Only had 1 that was kinda insane she was clearly getting scammed by some "rich handsome overseas man" who wants to come over here and date a real Australian woman (even though she's Russian) and show her the world but what would you know he's having problems getting flights over here because all his millions of dollars are tied up in stocks and accounts. If she could only lend him some money and she'll pay her back later, she did but then more issues came up (of course) I tried and tried to tell her this is a scam because I care. I don't want people I know getting scammed but she always got aggressive and never listened to anyone around her telling her this. In the end I just told her to go see someone else, I couldn't watch any longer. It was getting bad. She was in her 50s smoked a pack a day so she looked like a pirate and he looked like Henry Cavill so c'mon lady!

  13. Dude this is simp as fuck. Leave her and get a girl who wants you. Sure she can find your friends attractive that's normal but this is not. It's down right disrespectful and she knows she holds all the power in the relationship instead of being equals.

  14. I'll probably get down voted for saying this especially because I've seen this exact behavior in this sub. The most important thing I did was listen to my body and not other therapist who were only giving me advice to show how much better they thought they were than me.

  15. Well of course if they believe there's only one way it's theirs can you imagine "there is only one way to fix this problem and I'll show you my way which is not the way" 😆😅😅

  16. That wasn't my point lol. The point is that some people assume that because they do something one way that must be the best or only way for everyone to do it. What you said was funny because it was too illogical to be the point.

  17. I understood your point, I've met people like that obviously they believe it's their way of course

  18. Whenever I'm dropping someone off, where possible I'll steer the car lights towards the door so they can find their keys and everything. That's if they don't have the light on already

  19. I fucking wish crytek would you the loading screen for better tips then the crap they have like "first aid kits heal you of lost health" and crap. See the regular Reddit questions like "if I brought a weapon with blood bonds do I lose it if I die, do I only get one" and give people the knowledge that is useful. I'd wish if they let the players maybe write the tips. They can check them over first of course so it's trolls but so many people don't know this stuff.

  20. When the game first came out night maps were dark, And I mean dark. Lanterns really useful and the torch was used a lot. You just couldn't really see anything. It was difficult going through bushland without lighting of some kind. They brightened it up more later because it was just to hard.

  21. Because of its ability to give other long ammo rifles extra ammo. That's the reason.

  22. You know you play this game to much when you know where a picture from a bush is being taken from.

  23. It's like the people who buy right next to a train line then complain about the noise. Like wtf dude

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