1. The sub opens all DLC and the expansion gets you all previous expansions, so that's 100% of the game, not 35%

  2. Go Mariners. Was a Rays fan in Seattle for 5 years and fell in love with Safeco. They will always be my number two behind us.

  3. Bad call, but if they make the correct call with the pass interference the play before and it doesn't matter.

  4. what app and OS version are you using?

  5. I'm using simple calendar 6.19.10 and android version 12. KISS launcher is 3.16.0 version.

  6. I’m surprised Jason “Maga” Adam is even vaccinated…

  7. I pooped myself outside veteran stadium for a Phillies Mets game because we got there early and nothing outside was open. I think was like 6, or 16..Can't remember.

  8. Hello. I just released my 6th album on all the services. Let me know how this track sounds as it's one I spent more time on than the others. I got inspiration from the club music in the first Mass Effect video game.

  9. When the Rays were ice cold and dragging themselves through injuries earlier this year, so many people accused the FO of selling and dismantling the ALDS losing team from last year. I never understood that because this team, when healthy, is better than last year's. They were injured and needed time for some guys to develop, but now you're seeing a bit of what the FO built (even without their top WAR/G Pitcher and Position player from last year, who are still on the IL)

  10. Name one ignorance from the left that is even close to the big lie the Republicans are spewing about the 2020 election.

  11. I dig it. If you're looking for a partner to talk shop with you I'm down. A partner and do a Bolts show but it's off season right now.

  12. Hello, I finally got my music on Spotify. This is my take on electronic groove.

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