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  2. If your comment counts good luck to you as well.

  3. Codeine cough syrup x sprite x grape juice or soda in my exp. Seen vodka added, do not recommend for respiratory reasons. Mix it with an upper or weed for more, don't be dumb with alcohol and benzos mixed with any codeine <3

  4. Get the codine before diluting it in cough syrup, cold sprite, add in blue and purple jolly ranchers and shake till dissolved. 💜

  5. Probably around the time that streamer sold her bathwater lol.

  6. Hmm might wanna educate yourself some there bud.

  7. Some shops don't stock the item at all. But because they have a "inventory" of the item it sells higher than general store. Think of it as selling a Pokémon card to a pawn shop vs a card collector.

  8. Ive found them in reserve on the 2nd floor of med room behind locked doors.

  9. Before you play any map if seriously recommend playing it on offline mode and finding all the spawns first.

  10. Cant scav offline and pmc doesn't get ALL the scav extracts, in this case crossroads is shared between both. I second the map and YT though. Offline raids for scouting out quests youre unsure about are helpful sometimes too.

  11. Make sure "trade mode" and all other non default settings are off on both connections. As long as large grid has 1 battery and 1 wind turbine or solar panel it should charge. You can also turn the ship batteries to rechargeable only for faster charging. More power inputs are recommended for faster charging.

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