I'm *trying* to date and I encounter this constantly. WHY is it such a big deal that I choose not to drink alcohol??

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  1. Keep the damn cat inside so it doesn’t destroy native wildlife. 63 species extinct because of cats. They belong inside!

  2. As the guy above me said, those 80 days are certainly not lost. That is a huge accomplishment and you should be super proud of yourself. I think if you told yourself you’d reach 80 days, fall off, then get back on the wagon again before you even started this journey, you’d be damn proud of yourself.

  3. Outdoor cats should be illegal. Cats have caused 63 extinctions globally and they decimate small wildlife. They are, without a doubt, the worst invasive species humans have ever introduced.

  4. When wife and I brought home our newborn, my neighbors outdoor cat snuck into our garage, jumped into our car, and started growling at my baby. At that point my imagination went wild as to what could happen to my baby if the cat attacked.

  5. Most states have rules about animals roaming without a leash and allow you to trap and take them to the pound. Your neighbor will get a clue after the first time they have to pick their cat up from the pound and pay the fee to get him out.

  6. Your heart is in the right place, but this is really bad for your local ecosystem. Cats destroy native wildlife and are directly responsible for 63 extinctions globally. They kill for fun and are such efficient hunters - please trap this cat and take it to the pound.

  7. Yes, you can go back to gaming then. But I can almost guarantee you that you won’t want to. Winning in life is so much more fun.

  8. It’s great in theory and I’ve told myself probably 10 different times over the past 2 years that I could do it. Every single time, I end up back where I was.

  9. False - investment bankers have no family (I was one for a while), but the point is very accurate. You are standing still while gaming!

  10. I’d regularly have 50 hours played in the last 2 weeks on Dota 2. That was absolutely embarrassing and I am so ashamed of it. It’s way excessive and definitely hurt my career. Fortunately I haven’t fallen completely off and I’m on the climb back up!

  11. The virtual rewards are almost instantaneous and designed to show you progress. Real life doesn’t work that way. A great example is going to the gym - you’ll bust your ass for weeks before seeing any results so its easy to crave the instant gratification from games.

  12. I’m the same way. I had to replace my gaming with something else and it was watching twitch. I’ve tried slowly weening myself off of it and the game is far less interesting now. Good job quitting and getting on track though!

  13. I agree with OP largely with respect to people in the US and other developed countries, but this doesn’t apply to developing countries where the income is so much lower than battle pass.

  14. Addictive games are so dopaminergic that they give people a false sense of accomplishment and happiness.

  15. It’s the pinnacle of what they could and should have become. They release that single and then just break up.

  16. Jeez those are some horrible stories.

  17. Good for you. Dota is a legit drug. I’m 6 weeks clean tomorrow and I feel great. The first 2-3 weeks are the hardest by far, then the game stops being cool and you see it for what it is - a dumb game that’s a waste of time (similar to how you probably see world of Warcraft now, for example).

  18. This person is deeply insecure. As someone who has never drank alcohol, I encountered several of these types who could never get comfortable with me not drinking. You’re better off just avoiding these types - they base their existence and fun off of alcohol and it’s sad. Consider yourself lucky for not wasting your time with her.

  19. Good work man and even better attitude. I’m a little over 1 month clean and I noticed that my Facebook / Instagram browsing was wayyyy higher in those first three weeks after and I’ve recently been able to cut it down significantly. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I’m getting closer each day. The key is to just keep getting better every day! Keep it up!

  20. This is the way! It really is! Replace one addiction with a new hobby or topic/language to learn about.

  21. Yup exactly, and this is a great thing! You’re gaining real skills and enjoying LIFE, but some shitty game that you literally take nothing from except enjoyment.

  22. I ended up watching more shows I enjoy, which really is not better than gaming because it is wasted time too.

  23. Same here with lacrosse. I’m much better than I was and the game is exciting. I have my killer instinct back in lacrosse and in life in general. It’s great and so empowering to feel that come back!

  24. I’m also 1 month in and it getting much easier. I’ve lost my Dota skills and don’t have interest in going back. I do miss being able to chill on the game, but I’ll never go back. Congrats

  25. This game nearly destroyed my life. I put in like 3k hours since 2019 but am 3 weeks clean. I will never play again. It truly is a drug.

  26. Nice work - keep at it and stay strong. Success is never a straight line - you’ll have your bad days and set backs but just keep moving forward!

  27. For me the tipping point was not about work, but when my hobbies started to be boring and I didn't find any time to prepare for events I enjoyed in past etc. You don't have to be working or studying constantly, but if you stopped going out with friends, to nature, stopped doing sports etc., you might want to think hard about it. If you still keep a life rich with experiences and sometimes play a game, it is fine.

  28. Totally agree. Only you know where that balance lay and when it gets out of whack. Maybe one day I’ll be able to casually play but I doubt it. As of now I’m 9 days in and feeling good. Minimal urge to play most times too.

  29. Fair point, like anything else, it needs to be enjoyed in moderation. I fully agree one can’t be hustling all day every day and that everyone has to have something to unwind. For me, I wasn’t able to shut that switch off and was spending too much time thinking about Dota. I don’t want to look back at all the things I could have done and wish I did or the potential I didn’t reach because I was addicted to a stupid game.

  30. Keep pushing. It should get easier after 2-4 weeks cold Turkey. No twitch or anything that will remind you of wow. Your dopamine receptors are out of whack and it will take time to get them back. Stay strong!

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