1. 100% agree here - Im kind of happy that more and more reviewers and customers start to criticize this weird pricing policies. Its really insane to charge that much for these tiny games. RE3make at least had Resistance bundled with - Callisto doesnt even have a fucking new game +.

  2. While the map is mostly accurate, it would be prudent to point out that neither the whole of the Westerlands nor the whole of the North participate in the War.

  3. It's true that the first Revelations game has the most... "special" models.

  4. Atleast Chris kept the same look from Re5.

  5. Lost in nightmares Bsaa Jill looks good. The main campaign well while they did change her hair color, she looks good in the battlesuit regardless.

  6. It was pretty cringe though when he forgave the people who murdered his brother under a peace. Viserys was ready to execute them but Baelor let them free. Also foolish to burn the books.

  7. Accurate for the books but if it was show Viserys then it should show him playing with legos or painting.

  8. He wasn't dumb though, he was honorable. He just got incredibly unlucky aswell. Sure he tipped off Cersei that he knew about her and Jaime but Robert was still alive and it's dumb luck that Cersei manages to get him killed. Ned said that to offer her a chance to leave otherwise she'd be killed by Robert. How could he have prepared for Robert being put on his death bed from a boar attack. She literally places her own life, and the lives of her children on the hope that a hunting accident will fall out of the sky for her by making him drunker.

  9. Robert has a few options anyway, he can let Stannis or Renly be his heir, he can pull an Aegon IV and legitimize his bastards (though with Stannis and Renly alive this would be a bad move), or he can remarry someone else (but he probably wouldn't want to marry anymore at that point)

  10. Yeah, except that's nothing special since praying to any God does the same thing.

  11. Yeah but now you get to wear some Talos drip while you're cured from sickness.

  12. His death was the best scene in the show and we all know it

  13. Any scene with Dale on screen can be considered the best scene of the show.

  14. Rick and the Governor should be Dale too lol

  15. I don't remember Rick or The Governor wearing a fisherman's hat or driving an RV.

  16. Red dragon supporters forget that he died because he was trying to save a wounded enemy 🤷🏽‍♂️, maybe the belly of your king blinded you

  17. Yes and saving that wounded enemy led to Bloodraven asserting Dominance over the Blackfyre pretender.

  18. A one to one adaption of the comics arc.

  19. If you had his powers would you be training sword fighting? But I get what you’re saying and yeah as long as Jon fought him and got the final hit it would’ve been better than what we got. Also there should’ve been an episode that showed us how truly powerful he is.

  20. Yeah annoys me we didn't see what he was capable of in combat. The only thing he did with his sword in the show was kill the three eyed Raven who was stuck in a tree and he got to kill Theon with his spear. But other than that he was basically a glorified red priest putting up his hands and giving resurrections out.

  21. Did he also not snipe a dragon with an ice javelin, or was that one of the other walkers?

  22. Yeah he did. But it was a bit dumb. He could hit the bigger dragon with all the people trying to escape that is sitting still being an easy target but instead hits the flying dragon. And I don't think an undead guy is sentient enough to want to flex.

  23. Who took more Ls than Bittersteel

  24. Unwin Peake. (it's literally in his name)

  25. I meant more so human kill count lol but true I’d say it has to be Thor tho due to age and always fighting. And yea cap could be up there a bit too but it seemed like he only went directly for kills in first avenger.

  26. Cap was legit killing people in the winter soldier. That opening on the boat, he definitely killed those hijackers with those front kicks he delivered.

  27. Aegon adopted the westeros law when he become king, and in time the Targaryen even renounced to have multiple spouce to fit in.

  28. If any of the Targs wanted their daughters to inherit, they could have let them. Like Viserys did. The problem was Viserys was a bit weak and Otto was a schemer (who is from Oldtown which is associated with the Maesters and the faith).

  29. Maegor is not good example, despite having the strongest dragon he managed to push the realm to civil war against him. His regn was never secure, and he died mysteriously.

  30. Yes Maegor was a cruel person and a usurper but what he did to the faith militant was the one great thing he might have done in his entire reign.

  31. Why is no one getting killed by the Tyrant? I specifically requested it.

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