1. You can play the Simon game on it too.

  2. Also-when you complete level 20 of Simon, the pax will play funky town, and will play it every time you turn it on. Something happens when you finish level 50 too, but I stopped at 20z

  3. There’s a way to turn it, and the game starts. Here’s the short version: Spin the Pax 2 until all four lights flash white three times. The simon game will begin. Hold the Pax 2 face up, horizontally in front of you. Observe the pattern displayed on the lights, then repeat the sequence by leaning the Pax 2 towards the appropriate light.

  4. Just be patient. You’ve gone this long without it-once you get it, you will understand why people spend money on BCGs!

  5. oh trust me i’m waiting (just not very patiently, lol). i know their products are great, but damn their customer service is very bad.

  6. Yeah-they’re a REALLY small company. I don’t have a stainless steel one, but the one I have has made me a customer for life. You will love it!

  7. I haven’t been to Amsterdam in over a decade, but Abraxas used to have a phenomenal space shake (hash and ‘shrooms). Not sure if they can still sell it with the ‘shrooms? Regardless, it was a great coffee shop!

  8. Get an SSV from elev8. It’s a beast.

  9. I have a da Buddha. Is it possible to equip a ball vape to it?

  10. Ah-I didn’t realize you had the da Buddha. My apology. I don’t know anything about ball vapes-I have cats and I’m sure having a ball vape would be a disaster in my home. With the SSV/DBV, the heating element is enclosed, keeping my boys safe!

  11. I wonder about this with regards to the 7th floor whips which are made of vinyl apparently. "Medical grade" is irrelevant because that means its a material safe to use in medical applications, none of which involve heating to 220*c and inhaling through.

  12. As a further assurance, 7th floor/elev8 are actually good food vinyl. That’s even better than medical grade!

  13. I like dabuddah because it's the most analog electrical powered vape you can get. Idk how it stacks to modern desktops, but it's kinda the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla of the vape world. Virtually unkillable and still gets the job done

  14. This, or the SSV-both found on the elev8 website. They have cosmetic seconds that make them a little more affordable. Great machines-easy to use and hit hard!

  15. I did this hunt a few years ago and found that the elev8 (SSV/DBV) hoses are the best. Just buy like 20’ at a time and cut off short sections. Toss when they get too dirty, not worth reclaiming (you could slice down the side and scrape with a credit card or something) and iso is not good for them. I eventually ditched the tubing all together and now only really use my DBV as like a giant log vape with a 14/18mm male-male adapter with a screen in it. Good luck on your hunt!

  16. I second the tubing for the SSV/DBV from elev8. The tubing is food grade vinyl, and $1/foot if you buy 20 feet.

  17. Grab a solid indica (Sunset Sherbert, Northern Lights, or any strain with Gelato or Sherbert cross) and try that at a low temp in the evening. Those are my go-tos for anxiety, and I love vaping at low temps because the taste is awesome, and the effects are great for me.

  18. How do you like that metal thing that keeps the glass to glass connection right? I have the type that you stick in and it stays

  19. I love it! It works great with the ground glass pieces. Easy to use, stays in place and keeps everything safe with my cats. I just let the wand hang and hit it when I want.

  20. Two downers does not a speedball make my friend. But hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

  21. It was cold brew coffee. 😊

  22. Get a Silver Surfer from elev8. It’s a heavy hitter, and the heating element is basically enclosed. I have 3 cats-they go up and smell it at times, but because the heater is enclosed, I don’t worry about them near it at all. If I’m home, my SSV is on, and the cats couldn’t care less about it. I have had my SSV for many years-runs like it is brand new. I will never need any other device.

  23. Oh and I got a factory second. Lil bit of a dent on the tamper end, guaranteed it was just dropped. I actually have machining equipment and was planning to fix if it was too bad but I'm definitely not going to bother it's so miniscule of a flaw.

  24. I love my old head scoop. The weight of it is awesome! I too have a factory second-I can’t even find the flaw.

  25. 90 day… I love it! 😂🤣😂

  26. Sunset Sherbert is my favorite strain. Picked up a couple from this drop. It’s solid!

  27. Bro do you like it better than the very consistent animal mints

  28. I like Animal Mints a lot, but I absolutely love Sunset Sherbert. It’s just a strain that works so well for me.

  29. If you check out the elev8 website, they have SSV cosmetic seconds for under $200. I’ve had mine for almost 10 years, use it daily, and it is still running like a tank. The only really difference between the SSV and da Buddha is the angle of the wand. Everything about the SSV is so easy, and because I have cats, having a heaving hitting desktop with the heating element mostly enclosed was a necessity. I can leave it on with no worries. I adore my SSV.

  30. Looks great! I’ve had my SSV close to 10 years—use it daily, and I have no reason to move along to a different vape. Already bought a backup SSV a couple years ago that I take with me when I travel. I’m deeply committed to this brand-my SSV is a tank!

  31. I'm gonna go against the grain and say you might like the Buddha. Out of the box it might not be a heavy as an E-Elev8r, but if you ball mod the Buddha it can become as heavy, if not heavier, when compared to the E-Elev8r. The only downside I can see is that the Buddha does not come with an adapter for bongs, but the adapter is relatively inexpensive on 7thfloors website.

  32. This! I have an SSV, which is very similar, and it is end game for me. I do use a heater enhancement tube to get the flavors at low temps. Hits hard-ridiculously easy to use and clean. I have tried a volcano, an Airizer EQ, and a ball vape a friend built. Still prefer the experience with my SSV. The DBV and SSV might be “old tech”, but it I’m a fan for life!

  33. If you are going for a desktop, check out the Silver Surfer or da Buddha at elev8glassgallery dot com.

  34. SSV or da Buddha from elev8. Glass is ridiculously easy to clean. Food grade vinyl whip tubing is replaceable.

  35. I know, right? running a pipe cleaner through the Pax wears me out.

  36. thank you! dang, so many different recommendations.

  37. I second the SSV. I’ve had mine for about 9 years. It’s FABULOUS!

  38. Try dropping some ruby beads in that bad boy

  39. I went the route of the heater enhancement tube instead. It’s great-I get lots of flavor at low temps. I’m clumsy and have cats; I felt like the rubies might create a dangerous situation in my home. 😂

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