Greens [oc]

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  1. would love to see more, crossview or not

  2. Very cool. I've never seen one of these with a drawing!

  3. thanks! there’s a few more on my instagram if you like

  4. yeah it was challenging to get everything to line up, but thank you!!

  5. Lovely! Will you do a 3D one every day?

  6. I don’t think i’ll be able to keep up with every day, but there will be more!

  7. Beautiful! Any info on species/cultivar? Are they hot or sweet?

  8. unfortunately not. i was told they are quite hot but i haven’t tried them myself yet

  9. Thanks! If you look in my post history, you may enjoy some of my other posts in this sub.

  10. I dig it, it's the sort of thing you could have on your wall is a piece of art and only the cross view folk whatever find the hidden gem.

  11. that’s exactly what I was going for. Some turn out better than others, but I have made more like this one if you look at my post history :)

  12. something about hershey kisses

  13. I don't know if kerning is the right word but I just want to say I love the overlap

  14. uqde says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

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