1. That is intentional, as well as other penis-like ceratures and objects in this show - this is the kind of humour that humans find amusing. I’ve dwelt among the humans. Their entire culture is built around their penises. It’s funny to say they are small, it’s funny to say they are big. I’ve been at parties where humans have held bottles, pencils and thermoses in front of themselves and called out, ‘Hey, look at me! I’m Mr. So-And-So Dick! I’ve got such-and-such for a penis!’ I never saw it fail to get a laugh.

  2. What about the hpv on scary terry’s chin scrotum? Seems like they are trying to check all the boxes of this area of comedy 🎭

  3. Yeah, I’m starting to feel real daft about my butterfly effect burning up my oil 27.5 percent faster for 3 years…. Comes out to a lot of waste

  4. I heard of some clogging issues with lower wattage?

  5. As of the last 48 hours of pretty consistent draws, I can’t see any problems, maybe the folks who hit those large ass vape clouds are having problems? All I know is that I coughed pretty uncontrollably with three second pulls on the 8.5 as well as sucking oil into the mouthpiece, and now I’m not…

  6. I believe this is the same restaurant I saw on a family beach trip back in the fall. Oak Island, NC

  7. Some of the most beautiful pogues come from Oak Island….

  8. If I had this, the quartz would be shattered by the third session…

  9. The Soap is a sativa leaning hybrid with different parents: Animal Mints x Kush Mints. Zoap is Rainbow Sherbet x Pink Guava.

  10. What’s on the demodex folliculorum’s hair follicles tho?

  11. That actually costs me 52 dollars a half…. Amplify Columbus…

  12. Looks like he took a couple fat rips of toad 🐸 venom tbh…

  13. I saw a post about this earlier and after a little researching, found out this plants genetics. Holy cow. G13 x White Widow. I'm a sucker for those older genetics and seeing how they are almost non existent in Ohio Med, I immediately found where I could pick this one up. Luckily, Amplify had it and I was able to use my 20% to snag this jar for $73 otd.

  14. Dynavap. It's a dry herb vape. Saves so much weed and you can make weed butter with the already vaped bud. Then you can make your own edibles with it. I also have a volcano type big dry vape but I prefer the dynavap.

  15. First time being that high in a looong time.

  16. Very Terpy strain, inhale is a fruity gas, exale is a vanilla banana taste. I would definitely buy this strain again. What's everyone Medicating on this Saturday Morning/Afternoon. Immediate effects for creativity.

  17. I was surprised too. They didn't even make a big deal about it at all. Great service on top of a nice store and great prices has earned my business.

  18. Next season is bound to be a massive success.

  19. One thing to consider is stacking if your adding a vet discount or something that’s throwing it off. I know I mis calculated the first time and it was 30% off the normal price for the sale and then 20% off of whatever that price was, which doesn’t equal an even 50% off the original. You can look up a stacked discount calculator if that is part of the deal. Not sure how f that apply to the 10/20/30 deals

  20. It’s the price times .8 (for the vet indigent) times .7 (for the store or Buckeye Relief discount) times 1.075 (state tax).

  21. Yep except I think they apply their sales discount first and vets second

  22. Damn, right when I started paying 90 an ounce otd….

  23. I am so interested in this because you have the most laxed drug laws that I know of. You literally have heroin clinics that give people heroin…. Why ban concentrates? My whole life growing up in the 90’s we couldn’t wait to get to Amsterdam for the “legal weed”. I never made It but a buddy did. So yeah, why the ban on concentrates??

  24. It’s definitely been awesome but it does seem like they are raising prices from $89/$161 on half’s & ounces to $144/$230 so I may be getting off the BR ride soon

  25. I was wrong, the half’s are $122 not $143 but Amplify is exactly the dispo I’m talking about. At first they were only raising prices to that when the THC% was 25 or more, but as new stock hits the menu even the lower stuff is raising now. For example look at their ounce of 21% Jelly Rancher — it’s $238

  26. I did just see that. I was expecting 161 for that selection. These guys already know. I started bragging about the 45 dollar otd halves and they shut the ounce game down…. Still. I get the 238 times .7 then times .8 times 1.075…Makes them pretty cheap at the end of the day. 140 an ounce otd….

  27. My bad my dude, I just get triggered when medical patients don’t get to see there product, I find that chain dispos seem to be def more like that, If you go to an independent dispo (you know, a dispo that is only in your town) you will like the treatment way better…. At least this has totally been my experience…

  28. Aliens dab life resin to get the feeling of being a anxiety ridden human

  29. I have dabbed several live resins that have made me an anxiety ridden human!

  30. Thanks, with terps like that I thought he meant Firelands scientific…

  31. Everyone loves Snowy Destiny by Galenas, hope they come out with it in Artifact…. J/k

  32. Not really. it’s basically a small porous terracotta coin you soak for 5 minutes then stick in your jar for an hour or two max. 2 bucks at head shops.

  33. When you said terracotta I got hungry for Italian! 😂

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