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  1. I’m a B shred if you wanna message me questions

  2. I’m also comm, been trying to get a deployment or any travel since I joined but here we are 8 years in zero TDYs zero deployments, it’s just luck I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️ Anyway, I’d say all you gotta do is get sent to any Global Strike unit/base

  3. Hmmm interesting!! Thank you! If you don’t mind, what base are you at? Definitely gonna be looking up where all those are. Appreciate it man.

  4. Currently at DM but was at Offutt for the first 4 years! Never been to an actual Comm Sq though, just hopped from Global Strike scif to a one deep A-10 unit billet

  5. Op, lemme see if I have my copy of W&G illustrated still. If I do, I'll mail it to you

  6. Yes they do. I have the entire set.

  7. Can you DM pictures of them so I know what to look out for?

  8. 110% Bear Canyon Pizza. They have a ridiculous amount of beers on tap too.

  9. I got denied twice before getting my FTA BOP, you can only apply once per quarter. (Mine was in 2019)

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