1. lose weight and you’ll look even more amazing

  2. stick to darker hair, sunscreen and more sleep

  3. First do collage panda once you complete one chapter in collage panda practise it in khan till skill 4,

  4. the story of part 2 actually had potentional to be fucking amazing and heart-wrenching but the writting and connection of events was ass

  5. Ellie was a pussy for killing pregnant Mel and she deserved facing the mental trauma after that

  6. lost brain cells reading the title, someone explain

  7. pam is shitty for cheating on her fiancée (i know roy wasn’t the best bf/fiancée, but it doesn’t excuse the emotional cheating), jim was shittier for confessing and kissing her before her own WEDDING. and countless more. pretty privilege is behind this i feel

  8. uworld probably has the toughest questions, was helpful for me back in the day

  9. how do you use it though it’s killing me

  10. It is rlly good! got me from 620 to 760 on practice tests (in 18 days) just from finishing all chapters

  11. how did you finish all the chapters in 18 days wow

  12. I don't think you understand Asian parents. So...

  13. Take the Official or QAS tests and find out for yourself.

  14. Yes it will be the same. Same account, same name, same progress, even all the skins you had will be unlocked in ow2.

  15. Ay thx bro, I've tried scalar but yeah I don't understand him too 💀 I'll try John jung tho thx

  16. lol glad to know i’m not alone, good luck

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