1. I mean, NYC has a liberal mayor talking about sending the cops to round up homeless people and forcing them into hospitals. I think it was Portland is now creating 'mass encampments' that they're going to round up and force the homeless people to live in. If a Republican tried to pull this shit the democrats would be out on the streets screaming. Instead, there's a few leftists screaming, the democrats talking about how great they are, and the right demanding more.

  2. You do understand that I just don't think homeless people should be forced into camps against their will, right? I hate it because it's happening, not because of who is doing it, right? Or do you think that these ideas are good?

  3. It seems like what you're actually complaining about is how some but not enough democrats are complaining about the policy republicans prefer. Might as well not vote, it's all the same, amirite?

  4. Alex jones was the voice of reason. I hit bingo for 2022!

  5. Only because they're on his platform. These two were on tim pool's YouTube show a few days ago saying the same shit forcing him to do the same thing. Kanye is unintentionally tearing the fringe right apart by saying the quiet part out loud and making people take a side.

  6. So edgy! Only a true alpha would be so brave as to say mean stuff about other people on the internet. Thats what separates the wolves from the sheep

  7. They can see what they're allowed to see, and that's all about manipulating the conversation...

  8. But they let you see the true numbers for some reason, presumably to rub it in your face, right?

  9. Dang everybody I've ever fucked is somebody's daughter, I guess that makes me a pedophile?

  10. It's like whatever they call the process by which convergent evolution turns different creatures into crabs

  11. Don't all buses and trains look the same? All these SUVs share the same aerodynamic shape to get maximum gas mileage. We cannot actually change the laws of physics

  12. There was only ever one answer: crab- I mean small SUV

  13. Owning is basically always gonna be more expensive than renting for at least the first five years even if you have no major repairs drop on you

  14. There's costs to buying a house besides the monthly payment like closing costs, and also costs for owning a house like property tax and maintenance. If you spread that stuff across the months it's not a great business proposition to own a rental house, until you start talking about appreciation, and I've heard people say five years is a good rule of thumb on how long you should expect it to take for a house's value to rise enough to make it worthwhile.

  15. So I'm allowed to identify as a tomboy? Is that somehow different from the only two acceptable expressions of gender? But that can't be, there are only two... Wait...

  16. Hahaha, silly leftist, don't you know that even though there's 2 genders, they're broken up into subgenders, with alphas as the most manly, and tradwives as the most FEMALE(s). In the middle, are the tomboys, and the soyboys. It's very reasonable. /s

  17. Is that nuance, Mister? We don't do nuance in this house.

  18. I don't think any of the countries he's imagining as "black countries" would self-identify by that phrase.

  19. He knows that if measured against his own standards he would be found wanting, just like how Hitler wasn't Aryan. It's just a sales pitch that appeals to the self-loathing in similar-minded people.

  20. It's hilarious that the goals of Alex Jones are both served and undermined by Ye. The whole project of conservative media is to launder fascism within a more respectable, broadly saleable package. Kanye brings in the attention of a broader audience but actually shows them what's under the hood.

  21. Meme implies that 'tomboys" are being brainwashed into identifying as non-binary, ignores that those terms often describe the same thing, and that "tomboy" as a concept is an exception to binary gender roles

  22. So you're telling me that despite my pants being full of poop, yours somehow arent? Curious

  23. Idk if this is the pathway from normie to incel or from incel to fascist

  24. Which Respect for Marriage Act? Not the radical one!?!

  25. Idk what other young fascist leader could have done a better job courting Gen Z, or how somebody besides the RNC could have gotten a better outcome out of baseless lawsuits...

  26. The right to intentionally disenfranchise your fellow citizens by way of deception, as we all know, is the cornerstone of our individual liberties

  27. If a mask can't stop a fart then why did your OB wear one in the delivery room, marge?

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